Cover Girl coddles Vikings Adrian Peterson and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. It's all a racket for the owners and companies for cash.

Cover Girl coddles Vikings Adrian Peterson and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. It’s all a racket for the owners and companies for cash.


YET ANOTHER violence allegation against accused child abuser Adrian Peterson has bubbled up beyond the protection racket of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and sponsors like Cover Girl who protect the league for profit. Peterson’s attorney has jumped to his client’s defense, issuing a statement of adamant denial.

I’m wondering how Cover Girl celebrity reps, including Ellen DeGeneres and Sofia Vergara, feel about all of this. Most of the celebrity spokeswomen don’t need the money, so it begs the question: Where do they stand when it comes to domestic violence against women, which now includes children, too?

Considering the nonchalance of everyone on domestic abuse, which has gone on for decades in all levels of American sports, I’d suggest it’s time to call it what it actually is, assault and battery. “Domestic abuse” has far outlived its power, which should be obvious to everyone at this point.

KHOU-TV reports the mother of Peterson’s son accused the Vikings running back of injuring their child in June 2013. Photos obtained by the station show a head wound to his then 4-year-old son that left a scar above his right eye. This is not the same child that Peterson was charged with child abuse while using a switch to discipline. [CBS Local]

Text messages have surfaced between Adrian Peterson and the mother of the second child he’s accused of abusing. The explanation reveals a violent streak no child should be near. This second child, you know, the first allegation of child abuse against the NFL’s Peterson that his lawyer is denying, reportedly has a scar over his eye as a result.

Mother: “What happened to his head?

Peterson: “Hit his head on the Carseat”.

Mother “How does this happen, he got a whoopin in the car”

Peterson: “Yep”

Mother: “Why?’

Peterson: “I felt so bad. But he did it his self.”

The text messages go on to show Peterson saying he was disciplining his son for cussing to a sibling. Also in the text messages, the mother asks “What did you hit him with?”

Peterson never answers directly but writes “be still n (and) take ya (your) whopping, he would have saved the scare (scar). “He’s aight (all right).”

The exchange continued:

Mother: “I’m real sensitive about my baby and him being hit.”

Peterson: “You tripping if you want him, come get him. I’m not about to be getting questioned down like you (you’re) CPS.”

Sources confirm to the I-Team that the mother did file a report with Child Protective Services, but CPS declined to discuss the its investigation.

There are actually women who support the NFL by coddling these criminals, wearing their jerseys, while blaming the women who are victims of these thugs.

Meanwhile, the power, money and gladiator culture that created the NFL churns on, helped by sponsors that include Cover Girl.

After the Cover Girl “Get Your Game Face On” ad was photoshopped, which has morphed further into the photoshopped graphic at the top of this post that identifies Cover Girl directly with coddling the NFL, the company made a lame statement on its Facebook page depicting the entire attitude that starts with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

“As a brand that has always supported women and stood for female empowerment, COVERGIRL believes domestic violence is completely unacceptable. We developed our NFL program to celebrate the more than 80 million female football fans. In light of recent events, we have encouraged the NFL to take swift action on their path forward to address the issue of domestic violence.”

Well, I’m sure commissioner Roger Goodell will get right on that after Cover Girl “encouraged” the NFL to do something about their assault and battery brigade that requires a protection racket to keep their celebrity franchise players out of jail.

After all, Cover Girl can’t offend NFL’s female fan base of 80 million strong. What’s a bunch of roughed up women, and kids, compared to all that profit?

If Cover Girl continues to coddle the NFL protection racket run by Roger Goodell, maybe it’s time women and the men who love us boycott Cover Girl.