Meet Chelsey and Mark's little girl, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky.

Meet Chelsea and Mark‘s little girl, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky, which beat the news of George Clooney’s wedding on Twitter.

IT WAS the twitpic tweeted around the world. It’s a girl!

Not even George Clooney‘s marriage to Amal Alamuddin could top it. The most glamorous wedding ever, so modern, the gondolas in Venice quite the sight.

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All of this happened while I was at the Baltimore Book Festival, which is being held at the Baltimore Inner Harbor. It was hopping on Saturday, likely because it’s such a beautiful area and the weather was magnificent.

Baltimore Book Festival talk on relationships and cheating, and how to keep it from happening to you.

Baltimore Book Festival talk on relationships, the psychology of cheating, and how to keep it from happening to you.

It’s odd, though, at least for me, because as much as I enjoyed speaking, as well as talking to people, the festival feels like something out of another era. I’m just such a web gal and have been for so long. All the authors I spoke with had strong web presences, because you cannot survive without one. The authors who really benefited were romance writers, as well as those who wrote for children. It’s hard to imagine book festivals like this continuing to be popular, but it offers something for book fans you cannot get anywhere else. The effort made and opportunity, especially for self-published authors, which were the majority of authors there, is not to be ignored. Romance readers and children’s authors fueled this event, as did well known personalities like Tavis Smiley and one of the Real Housewives, but there were many, many other authors beyond.

The authors I talked to pined over not being at Mount Vernon, because most of the people there on Saturday didn’t specifically come to buy books. There was little support for speakers, names left off the schedule, not even tweets announcing time and place were retweeted by the BBF staff. The Authors’ Tent at McKeldin Square, where I spoke on Sunday, was impossible. Located in the middle of Pratt and Light Streets, sirens blared and few knew there was anything going on over there. The Bicentennial Authors’ Tent was in the middle of the action, but still no listing of who was speaking when at the tent. What they really needed was a public information officer, as well as signs at the tents with the names and subjects of the authors and the times they were speaking. Simple things would have made it so much better for authors. Media was virtually non-existent.

No matter, the Baltimore Book Festival was an education and the work it took to pull it off was gargantuan. It was a great experience.

The women I spoke with loved what I talked about, because few have the expertise I do on relationships, sex, and the psychology of cheating, which was what I talked about. I did some on the spot coaching, with women leaving with a smile on their faces and a lot to think about. It was well worth it for me, but I’ve got a publisher who offered a lot of support, which made all the difference.

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