Fundamentalist Islamic fanatic beheads woman in Oklahoma.

Beheading in Oklahoma by fundamentalist Islamic fanatic.

He told this newspaper that according to the family member, Nolen was telling coworkers Thursday of an Islamic teaching that said women should be stoned for an offense, and that an argument followed the mark, Nolen was later fired and returned later Thursday, when he beheaded Colleen Hufford, the family member said. [Truth Revolt]

THE EXPERIENCE I have with Oklahoma is being on the road and landing in a dry county in that state and having to perform in a dinner theater where no one showed up because the show starred a baggy pants comic out of the old burlesque style. The show was good, old fashion fun & gags, with performers like myself in skits and dancing in fancy costumes that showed a lot of skin, but so what. We were all clothed. Now I realize born again Christians with strict fundamentalist beliefs are not the same as Islamic fanatics, but if you had to pick one state where this could happen, a beheading in Oklahoma is not all that shocking.

In Oklahoma we had to drive a long way to get cocktails, because the Bible belt has strict blue laws.

News reports say that the man had argued about Islam at his workplace, which helped set him off. It could have been anything.

It’s a sad state of affairs when this sort of thing happens in the United States. There’s really not anything else to say.