Sofia Vergara did exactly what Beyonce did and the ceiling blew off because the bit wasn't seen as comedic.  Photo via WhoSay, posted by Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara did exactly what Beyoncé did and the ceiling blew off because no one got a rather hilarious comedic bit. This is why young women don’t want to be associated with feminism.
Photo via WhoSay, posted by Sofia Vergara

AS A former beauty queen, and someone who spent twenty years on a pedestal, from pageants to dancing and commercials to Broadway, I applaud the perfect pitch statement of Sofia Vergara.

“I think its absolutely the opposite. It means that somebody can be hot and also be funny and make fun of herself. I think it’s ridiculous that somebody started this—I know who she was—who has no sense of humor [and should] lighten up a little bit.”Sofia Vergara

There is no difference between Beyoncé’s feminism during her VMA performance and Sofia Vergara’s choice to put herself on a pedestal.

Vergara is in full control over her own image and the choice to be in on the joke that she lives with every day. People stare at her because she’s a physical beauty. But make no mistake, Ms. Vergara is making bank on her own image, with her comedic gifts and hilarious performances on “Modern Family” her ticket. That means talent in case you missed it. Sofia Vergara is an extremely smart and talented business woman, actor and comedienne. She is calling everyone out for what she experiences every day of her life: stares, ogling, and cat calls, by letting everyone take a moment and just STARE. You know you want to! Vergara knows everyone is doing it anyway.

The critics also ignore the natural human siren call when a drop dead, voluptuously radiant woman isn’t afraid to own her heat. Honestly, what could be more feminist than that in the 21st century?

You don’t have to approve of Sofia Vergara’s choice, but it’s her world and she’s entitled to do whatever she wants while she calls the shots.

Huffington Post called it a “troubling turn.”

Jezebel went berserk, finger wagging “do better, everyone.”

Think Progress jumped in on the torturing of political correctness.

A writer at Salon is so confused it’s hard to know where to begin to untangle his reaction.

Sofia Vergara has been nominated for an Emmy four times for her work on “Modern Family.” But to the TV academy, she’s a good-looking object to put on display.

The actress is game for anything and usually makes fun of herself first (as when she made a strange joke about her unfamiliarity with American TV customs, as “Modern Family” prepares for its sixth season).

Maybe she shouldn’t!

It’s a lot more sexist to tell a female that her chosen behavior isn’t appropriate.

This is why so many young women won’t claim to be feminists.

Disagree with a woman’s choices, but they are hers to make.

In the rarified world of Beyoncé and Sofia Vergara, they’re either too sexy, in Beyoncé’s case, or not appropriately liberated in Vergara’s. She was after all standing like a statue on a pedestal, mainly because putting on a jeweled leotard, heels and dancing with all her might isn’t her talent, comedy is.

The political correctness is choking and the meter we weigh what is or is not sexist takes a hypocrite to navigate.

Tying Stephen Colbert not hiring women comedy writers to Sofia Vergara’s choice to put herself on a pedestal and laugh at the joke that calls the audience out on what we’re doing is mixing bathing suits with MACs. Trading a star for an industry job where women are few and far between.

Men use all they’ve got to get ahead, without apology.

What’s the difference when a female artist does the same thing, whether she’s a musician and performer or an actress or even a beauty queen?

We are woman. We’re sexual. We’ve got bodies and brains and we don’t need society’s permission anymore to use it all to our advantage.

The culture monitors can stuff it.