Mr. Cool playing golf has the pundits, the press and  the chattering classes across the pond talking. Official photo by Pete Souza

Mr. Cool playing golf has the pundits, the press and the chattering classes across the pond talking. It’s not like if Pres. Obama stopped playing golf the world would change or the midterms would be less challenging.
Official photo by Pete Souza

HOW QUICKLY the Maureen Dowd forgets. George W. Bush told us to go shopping… President Obama is just doing what he does best, channeling his alter ego. The very essence of the nickname Maureen gave POTUS herself.

“They’re negotiating with Spock, with a pitching wedge. Maureen Dowd calls him Spock. He’s Spock,” Joe Scarborough told his audience this past week.

Yet Miss Maureen warns

We have to dedicate a portion of that field as a final resting place for my presidency, if I keep swinging from behind.

What in the world would change if President Obama played less golf?

Would the midterms in New Hampshire suddenly turn his way? Would Senator Mary Landrieu have less travel troubles?

Would the right stop harassing him?

Would the left have less self-loathing over Mr. Cool‘s confrontation with his own penchant for non-interventionism, as he contemplates more bombing over a now non-existent border with Syria? A border, by the way, that was still there before Democrats and progressives refused to give the President the military go ahead at the beginning.

Would a photograph of President Obama sitting inside his vacation mansion have made the Europeans feel calmer. Who always seem have to be dragged into policing their own neighborhoods by guilt and shame, while the war weariness of Americans for cleaning everyone elses mess up has put Mr. Cool in the corner.

Okay, so George W. Bush is responsible for Iraq, but the entire world propped up dictators for a century, so it’s no like this all just broke loose because Dick Cheney had his way with the C.I.A.

Mr. Cool’s canny ability to make Maureen Dowd manic channels the cool kids from Washington to New York, who think a sporting vacation is hurting Barack Obama’s presidency, when his golf game won’t make one whit of a difference come the midterms.

Who ends up controlling the Senate after November, that’s what will have the biggest impact on Obama’s presidency.

Maureen & Co. are stuck in the 20th century, where communication happened on land lines, videoconferencing was only used by villains in James Bond movies, and Jackie Kennedy was reportedly chasing hounds on Rattlesnake Mountain while her husband President John F. Kennedy was trying to avoid nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Kennedys were always cool, even when their behavior was not.

For Maureen & Co., Mr. Cool’s, “World, chill,” will never match up, whether he’s playing golf, or doing a comedy routine at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner while Navy SEALS track Osama bin laden down in Pakistan and kill him where he sleeps.