David Gregory is out, Chuck Todd is in. Photo by Charles Ommanney for MSNBC

David Gregory is out, Chuck Todd is in, beginning September 7.
Photo by Charles Ommanney for MSNBC

NBC will name Chuck Todd the new host of “Meet the Press” as early as Thursday afternoon, according to people with direct knowledge of the network’s plans. [CNN Money]

THE FOOTNOTE to this story has to include Politico’s Mike Allen, whose blaring headline on Monday in the widely read Playbook put NBC News in a tough spot, which in the ensuing days brought criticism that they weren’t handling it all very well.

The announcement came later today by NBC News president Deborah Turness.

I’ve made no secret that I respect Chuck Todd, so I think this is a stellar move. No one at NBC should kid themselves that Todd can do everything, because the format isn’t working either. Let’s hope Todd also follows his political astuteness, which he’s shown by broadening the spotlight beyond the big two political parties, and Washington, making a point to emphasize that people are disgruntled and want another way.

One thing that will be seamlessly reminiscent of better Meet the Press days will be Chuck Todd’s boy like passion for sports and other topics. In that way show’s godfather Tim Russert will finally be happy.

…at least Matt Lauer can breathe easier!

Let Chuck be Chuck, and let the 21st century in.

Dear All,

I want to share some news about Meet the Press. After an exceptional 20 years with NBC News, David Gregory is leaving the network.

I want to express my sincerest thanks to David, who, after the death of Tim Russert, led Meet the Press for almost 6 years. Under his leadership the show has had a string of exclusives, and David has shown a remarkable gift for holding leaders to account and getting answers on issues that matter to our audience. He is an outstanding journalist whose sharp intellect and quick sense of humor have made him a pleasure to work with. I know you all join me in expressing our deepest gratitude and in wishing him the very best.

I am very pleased to announce that Chuck Todd will take the helm on September 7. There is no one with a bigger passion for politics than Chuck. His unique ability to deliver that passion with razor sharp analysis and infectious enthusiasm makes him the perfect next generation moderator of this beloved broadcast. Chuck will ensure that Meet the Press is the beating heart of politics, the place where newsmakers come to make news, where the agenda is set. We have some exciting plans to evolve and update the broadcast under Chuck’s leadership that we will be sharing with you shortly.

Chuck will continue as NBC News political director, and will hand over his roles as chief White House correspondent and anchor of MSNBC’s The Daily Rundown.

Andrea Mitchell will serve as moderator of Meet the Press this weekend, and will continue to be a central figure of the broadcast, along with some new names that we will announce in the coming days.

For nearly seventy years, Americans have turned to Meet the Press on Sunday mornings for unrivaled insights on the news stories, political battles and public affairs debates dominating the national discussion. The next-generation Meet the Press, led by Chuck Todd, is certain to be the must-watch political destination on Sundays and beyond.