The Obama White House should put Ted Cruz on the payroll,

Senator Ted Cruz hand’s Speaker Boehner “stunning defeat.”

WITH THE Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol urning on inaction, Robert Costa tweeted this analysis out after Speaker Boeher failed to get House Republicans to do anything before their 5-week recess (emphasis original): a STUNNING DEFEAT for Boehner-McCarthy-Scalise on their first big vote.

If the GOP does nothing, and if Republicans explain that there’s no point acting due to the recalcitrance of the president to deal with the policies that are causing the crisis, the focus will be on the president. Republican incumbents won’t have problematic legislation to defend or questions to answer about what further compromises they’ll make. Republican challengers won’t have to defend or attack GOP legislation. Instead, the focus can be on the president–on his refusal to enforce the immigration law, on the effect of his unwise and arbitrary executive actions in 2012, on his pending rash and illegal further executive acts in 2014, and on his refusal to deal with the real legal and policy problems causing the border crisis.Bill Kristol

Senator Ted Cruz met with House Republicans on Thursday urging the outcome that handed Speaker Boehner this embarrassment that once again proves he’s the Speaker of the House in name only and as long as he lets the right have their way.

There are some Republicans who don’t appreciate Senator Cruz’s leadership style or priorities.

“The Obama White House should put Ted Cruz on the payroll,” said Rep. Peter T. King (R-N.Y.), a vocal Cruz opponent.