Sarah Palin demands impeachment for immigration issues that are driving the right and pushing the Republicans into no man's land.

Sarah Palin demands impeachment, joining a group of right-wing Republicans who threaten a very good midterm year for the GOP if they get the spotlight through the fall.

It’s time to impeach; and on behalf of American workers and legal immigrants of all backgrounds, we should vehemently oppose any politician on the left or right who would hesitate in voting for articles of impeachment. – Sarah Palin

IT LOOKS like Sarah Palin is trying to capture the magic again, remembering her good days back in 2010 when she actually had the power to make a positive difference for Republicans. This time around she’s simply going down the right-wing path that will lead Republicans to a very bad end if this impeachment drum beat stays alive into the fall. The only good news for Republicans is that it’s the hot and humid days of deep summer when a national audience is hard to get.

Palin’s op-ed for Breitbart has brought new attention to Iowa Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst who is a Tea Party favorite, as well as hope for the Republican establishment in taking the Senate this year. Ernst is also someone who raised the notion that President Obama was a “dictator” who should “face those repercussions” for recess appointments, even hinting at impeachment. Yahoo printed verbatim quotes from the video that resurfaced on Tuesday, which paints Ernst as part of the extremist wing of the Republican party.

The people catching impeachment fever are those that vote in midterm elections, but also in the Republican primary season that’s coming up for 2016. They also are the Republican party’s worst nightmare for actually winning a national election.

At one time we might have heard Governor Chris Christie stand up to this type of nonsense. He’s a wounded man right now, who didn’t even have the guts to talk to Sandy Hook families campaigning against gun violence, for which Joe Scarborough pummeled him. What’s the chance Christie will stand up to the impeachment chorus that holds his presidential fate in their hands?

It’s possible and since I cover politics I refuse to be jaded about the potential for anyone doing good when you least expect it.

Senator Marco Rubio has tried to gain ground lost over immigration by becoming a foreign policy pontificator, which is different from a seasoned expert. He’s already tangled with the right-wing crowd and plummeted in the polls because of it, so I wouldn’t bet on anything out of him.

Will Senator Rand Paul stand up? He’s more trained on Hillary Clinton.

Senator Ted Cruz leads the crazy caucus and wouldn’t be alive without them.

Advertising that Republicans will work to impeach President Obama should they take the Senate in November is not what mainstream Republicans want to be talking about in the fall. The question is whether Sarah Palin’s hot air can last that long.