Hillary Rodham Clinton talks Edward Snowden with the Guardian.

Hillary Clinton and the media continue their book tour tango. Clinton talks Edward Snowden, Syria and other serious foreign policy issues with the Guardian.

“I’m not aware of the specifics about any proposal to the British government but like our government I knew there was debate because I was advocating for trying to vet, train and arm Syrian moderates,” Clinton said. “In the debate you couldn’t say conclusively if you do this you’ll get that result, but I thought it was a good bet. Now what we see is our government and others beginning to train moderates to try to stem the tide of the extremism, because it’s not just Isis it’s a whole range of these al-Qaida wannabe offshoots that we have to worry about.” [Guardian]

IN AN exclusive streamed video interview with the Guardian, Hillary Rodham Clinton continues her book tour talking about serious foreign policy issues, while media sniping about how it’s all going so poorly for her continues.

The press criticism over Clinton’s speaking fees has been overwrought, but she’s answering one line of attack by revealing she’s donating all university speaking fees.

Chuck Todd dropped what’s at the heart of the U.S. media coverage of Clinton’s book tour this past week. He said many of the establishment political press who have been covering the Clintons for 20 years, citing Mark Halperin as a fellow journalist who’s in the same boat with him, are “only human” and are a little tired of covering Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Awwwwwww, poor boys.

Now, Chuck Todd is as good as the elite media gets and as much as I appreciate his honesty it’s appalling to hear the apathetic nature, the indifferent shrug with which media types are analyzing what is a potential historic moment for American women, as well as girls and women around the world.

Evidently HRC’s foreign policy prowess, her disagreements with President Obama on Syria policy, as well as the point that she would likely keep forces in Afghanistan, due to the threat of women and girls from the Taliban, isn’t a point of interest. Clinton’s close relationship with Israel and how that might impact a potential 2016 race. We all know what would happen if Clinton, as a girl, weren’t a national security expert. Since she is there’s been no coverage as to just how prepared she is for the job compared with candidates who have come before her. Clinton’s more than most men in the last three decades, including Ronald Reagan. Only George H.W. Bush has been as qualified.

Though Chuck Todd did perk up when talking about Senator Marco Rubio as a real alternative to Hillary Clinton, because he looks new or something, never mind he’s got absolutely no foreign policy prowess except jabbering about it.

When you think of Governor Chris Christie’s appalling cowardice to weigh in on the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision it’s clear that Republicans have candidates of the right-wing Tea Party wing, from Rand Paul to Ted Cruz, even Marco Rubio, but the establishment GOP remains as fecklessly unprepared to field a mainstream candidate who understands women’s lives as ever before.

Hopefully the boys in the elite media will be able to get it up for Hillary if she actually announces her candidacy. As for the women in the media, I learned in 2007 that a great majority of them are clueless about what a female presidency means and are as bad as the boys.

Part of what Clinton said in her interview with the Guardian, which focused on Edward Snowden. Clinton found it ironic that Snowden is finding shelter in Russia, which is one of the worst offenders when is comes to free speech and privacy.

“In any case that I’m aware of as a former lawyer, he has a right to mount a defence,” she said. “And he certainly has a right to launch both a legal defence and a public defence, which can of course affect the legal defence.

“Whether he chooses to return or not is up to him. He certainly can stay in Russia, apparently under Putin’s protection, for the rest of his life if that’s what he chooses. But if he is serious about engaging in the debate then he could take the opportunity to come back and have that debate. But that’s his decision.”