Fifty Shades of Grey trailer is finally released.

Fifty Shades of Grey trailer is finally released and that it’s too hot for TV is a good thing, though that’s not saying much for a puritanical America who remains hung up over sexual pleasure. [Universal]

IT’S A very good thing that the first trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey was seen as too much for TV. Today uploaded the trailer online teasing, “Watch the full “Fifty Shades of Grey” trailer: What we couldn’t show on TV.”

If it hadn’t been too sexy for television the tens of millions of women who are fans of the E.L. James trilogy would likely become even more nervous about the film.

Talking to a die hard fan of the trilogy recently she revealed she may not even see the film for fear it won’t deliver, won’t be true to the books.

It all began with Beyonc’s Instagram posting.

An exchange from the film reported back in March is revelatory, not just about the film, but about the nature of relationships.

“Why are you trying to change me?” Anastasia worriedly asks Christian.

“I’m not,” Christian says, with emotion. “It’s you that’s changing me.”

The story E.L. James crafted is a lot more satisfying, ignoring the tied up with a bow ending, both emotionally and sexually than 9½ Weeks.

One of the things that hooks women is the sex, obviously, but also the shifting dynamics of the relationship between Christian and Anastasia. As the story unfolds it unmasks one way power exchanges between two people, who start off entranced with one another but have serious differences to bridge as well, actually cement the relationship they’re experiencing. It’s not just that opposites can attract, but that the conversation about these differences can lead to something surprising developing between the most unlikely people.

An inseverable bond that may fray, but has the power to re-thread and become more elastic through time, because of the intensely intimate physical relationship that has been built slowly and methodically, one sex game at a time. Adventures in life and love that never end.

It’s every woman’s fantasy.

For Anastasia and Christian it’s reality, which is why it’s so delicious to share.

The film debuts February 13, 2015.