Hillary Clinton has Fun with the Republican Mr. Squirrel

By |June 19th, 2014|

Mr. Squirrel gets a book from Hillary Clinton. Screen grab from ABC News video. Signed: "Please make a hard choice and read my book." - Hillary THIS WOULD never have happened during the 2008 primary season, nor during any of Hillary Rodham Clinton appearances in the past. As Clinton told Diane Sawyer, she [...]

St. Louis Post Dispatch Dumps George Will

By |June 19th, 2014|

The St. Louis Post Dispatch dumps George Will after his offensive column on sexual assault. I HAVE never been prouder of the town where I grew up and the paper that was always read in our house. After an offensive column on sexual assault, the St. Louis Post Dispatch is dumping George Will, [...]

No Airstrikes for Now, As American People Doubt President Obama

By |June 18th, 2014|

Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and... Jon Stewart explaining ISIS and all that ails the Middle East. "This poll is a disaster for the president...essentially the public is saying, 'your presidency is over.'" - Chuck Todd on "Morning Joe" PRESIDENT OBAMA is meeting with Congress today after he has reportedly decided to not launch [...]

Hillary Sails Through Bret Baier’s Benghazi Barrage (Not even Greta Could Save Him)

By |June 18th, 2014|

What was Bret Baier thinking? He has Hillary Rodham Clinton in front of him and all he can do is regurgitate Benghazi questions that have already been answered. "We pushed very hard," Clinton said about her view that the United States should arm and help rebels that were fighting Syrian government forces. "But [...]

Obama Orders Security Forces to U.S. Embassy in Baghdad

By |June 17th, 2014|

President Obama meets with national security team, as up to 275 troops are sent to Baghdad to fortify the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. White House colonnade, photo by Pete Souza, via Instagram President Barack Obama notified Congress on Monday that up to 275 troops could be sent to Iraq to provide support and [...]

Special Forces Catch Ahmed Abu Khattalah, Fox News Panel Questions “Timing”

By |June 17th, 2014|

Ahmed Abu Khattalah, thought to be one of the "masterminds" of the Benghazi terrorist attack, is captured by Special Forces just outside of Benghazi, Libya.Photo via FBI, Washington Post "...I think we have to be pleased that this guy is obviously apprehended... we all have questions about the timing." - Pete Hegseth, the [...]

CNN Taps Tumblr for Hillary Clinton’s Very Presidential Town Hall

By |June 17th, 2014|

CNN taps Tumblr for Hillary Clinton's town hall. DON'T LOOK now, but Tuesday's town hall on CNN felt a lot like a presidential audition. Brian Stelter on CNN said the setting in the round and how it's staged has trappings of a presidential debate. Take a look at CNN's Hillary Town Hall Tumblr [...]

What Will Clinton Say About Iraq on CNN and FNC Tonight?

By |June 17th, 2014|

With interviews on CNN and FNC on Tuesday sure to cover the same territory, Hillary Rodham Clinton expounding on her Iraq war vote is sure to get more scrutiny. Hillary Clinton's new memoir, Hard Choices, topped the Barnes & Noble best-seller list in its first week, according to the company's Nielsen BookScan sales [...]

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Hold On! Brian Williams Raps “Baby Got Back”

By |June 17th, 2014|

Brian Williams gets caught up by the crew at Fallon Tonight, rapping to "Baby Got Back." THERE IS nothing to say except Brian Williams raps "Baby Got Back," compliments of Jimmy Fallon's crew at the Tonight Show.

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Chris McDaniel, Just Another Sexist Pig [Video]

By |June 16th, 2014|

ON LIBERTARIANS: "I think the platform is a free [hooker] and blow for everybody." - Chris McDaniels THIS WEB ad is one of the classics, pegging a Tea Party candidate as a misogynist using his own words. Republican strategist Stuart Stevens tweeted it on Sunday. Thad Cochran is coming after Chris McDaniel with a lot [...]