Brian Williams talks to Edward Snowden.

Brian Williams talks to Edward Snowden.

IN AN extraordinary exclusive interview with Brian Williams of NBC News, Edward Snowden made his case to the American public and the world watching, laying out his reasoning for what he did in a methodical manner.

Whether minds are changed is unknown, but Edward Snowden clearly wanted the American public and the world watching that he did it for country, which he misses very much.

The two men sitting and talking about the most expansive intelligence leak in U.S. history prove that tenacity and intelligence, along with a little serendipity along the way, can land you in amazing places, regardless of your education.

“He is blindingly smart. Pay no attention to the fact that he only has a G.E.D. from high school.” That actually led to a personal connection. “I joked about how, here we were, two guys with high school degrees, both dropouts from the otherwise great American community college system.” – Brian Williams [Bill Carter, New York Times]

You have to wonder how many people even care or are aware of what Edward Snowden risked to expose the NSA’s spying, all in the name of country, which he very much wants people in the United States to understand.

Brian Williams has verified that the claim Edward Snowden makes that he had alerted his superiors of the lawlessness he had uncovered is true. Williams and NBC News have filed a FOIA requests to ascertain the truth of further whistleblowing claimed by Snowden that went unheeded, which forced him to risk his life to expose what the people around him were told to keep quiet.

“When you look at the actions that I’ve taken, when you look at the carefulness of the programs that have been disclosed, when you look at the way this has all been filtered through the most trusted journalistic institutions in America, when you look at the way the government has had a chance to chime in on this and to make their case and when you look at the changes that it’s resulted in, we’ve had the first open federal court to ever review these program declare it likely unconstitutional and Orwellian. …

And now you see Congress agreeing that mass surveillance, bulk collection needs to end.

“With all of these things happening that the government agrees “” all the way up to the president again “” make us stronger, how can it be said that I did not serve my government? How can it be said that this harmed the country, when all three branches of government have made reforms as a result of it?”

Edward Snowden speaking with NBC’s Brian Williams