Michael Sam kisses boyfriend after St. Louis Rams drafts him, a furor erupting over the image.

Michael Sam kisses boyfriend after St. Louis Rams drafts him, a NFL furor erupts over the image, with players tweeting criticisms.

Miami Dolphins safety Don Jones also expressed his disapproval, tweeting “horrible” and “OMG” after the kiss was aired. He has since deleted those comments. [CNN]

IT’S A scandal! The first openly gay NFL player gets drafted and his euphoria extends to a kiss with his lover, which is captured by the media. NFL players and former pros weigh in on social media, revealing what gay male athletes have to endure in macho sports.

Miami Dolphins player Don Jones was fined, then released an apology.

I want to apologize to Michael Sam for the inappropriate comments that I made last night on social media,” he said in a statement Sunday.

“I take full responsibility for them and I regret that these tweets took away from his draft moment. I remember last year when I was drafted in the seventh round and all of the emotions and happiness I felt when I received the call that gave me an opportunity to play for an NFL team and I wish him all the best in his NFL career.”

Of course, the fans of the NFL have their own problems with gay players, too. Take one of Breitbart‘s “reporters.”

ESPN anchor weighed in, too.

“NFL guys get drafted. Kiss girlfriends. @MikeSamFootball kissed his boyfriend. Don’t like?..that’s a “you” problem,” ESPN anchor Stuart Scott tweeted. “Congrats Mike!”

President Barack Obama released a statement that speaks for what America should stand for when it comes to individual human rights.

The President congratulates Michael Sam, the Rams and the NFL for taking an important step forward today in our Nation’s journey. From the playing field to the corporate boardroom, LGBT Americans prove everyday that you should be judged by what you do and not who you are.