Joe Scarborough Award For Bald-Faced Lies And Extreme Hubris In Punditry

Joe Scarborough unloads on CNN.

WHOA! The reaction from Joe Scarborough when he heard the news about “Morning Joe” falling to third was visceral.

“CNN has made itself a punch line on the “˜Daily Show’ for its phony breaking-news headlines and breathless coverage of random ocean debris,” Joe Scarborough, the anchor of “Morning Joe,” said. ” “˜Morning Joe’ topped CNN in the first quarter by covering hard news, just as we have for the past five years. We will do the same in the future and won’t be distracted by “˜X-Files’ cable news programming.” [New York Times]

The MH370 coverage has kept CNN winning, even after their blanket coverage ended.

It wasn’t just the morning hours that MSNBC felt the fall.

The average for April among viewers ages 25-54 was 119,000 for “New Day,” to 105,000 for “Morning Joe.” Both were fighting for the right to a distant second to “Fox and Friends,” which averaged 237,000 viewers in the age group.

In February, the month before the plane disappeared, “Morning Joe” had a comfortable margin over “New Day,” 127,000 viewers to 79,000 in that advertiser-preferred group. So “New Day” is up more than 50 percent since then, while “Joe” is down 17 percent.

The morning show problem was only one of many for MSNBC in April.

The network, which is mainly devoted to covering politics from a left of center slant, averaged only 112,000 viewers for its total day coverage in April. That was its lowest total since May 2007.

The king of cable remains Fox News Channel.

In April, Fox News averaged just fewer than two million viewers for a weeknight average. That was about three times the total audience for MSNBC, 710,000, and almost four times the audience for CNN, 564,000. Still, in April, CNN eked out second place among the 25-54 group, 200,000 viewers to 176,000 for MSNBC. Fox News was again well ahead, with 370,000.