Politics of Sex Podcast, hosted by Taylor Marsh

Politics of Sex Podcast, hosted by Taylor Marsh

Lean In podcast: Sheryl Sandberg, Anne-Marie Slaughter, and what actually works.

A “Lean In” TM Podcast: Sheryl Sandberg, Anne-Marie Slaughter, and What Actually Works.

THE BOOK Lean In was published one year ago this past March. Sheryl Sandberg has begun to spread the word she thinks will help take women and the men who love us take the next step forward from where feminism began.

In speeches and in her travels, including Ted Talks that begin in 2010, then in an interview in December 2013, Sandberg has proved the power of her message. Her latest effort was the Ban Bossy campaign that has the support of First Lady Michelle Obama, as well as Beyoncé, Victoria Beckham and so many other powerful women like Condoleezza Rice.

Anne-Marie Slaughter is a well respected foreign policy expert. Slaughter left a high level State Department post, which was created for her by Secretary Hillary Cliton, because she missed her family. She’s hardly the first to do so, but Slaughter’s article for the Atlantic, as a way of explaining why she made her decision, became the first shot across Sandberg’s Lean In bow.

The debate hasn’t stopped since.

Screen grab from Huffington Post

Screen grab from Huffington Post

Two weekends ago, Huffington Post featured a Ted Talk by Anne-Marie Slaughter from summer 2013. You can read the captions above and HuffPost’s driving point in promoting Slaughter’s Ted Talk.

The fact is that Anne-Marie Slaughter, nor anyone else, has “ripped ‘Lean In’ to shreds.”

What Sheryl Sandberg has done is take Lean In beyond theory, which Anne-Marie Slaughter and her critics have not. Stay-at-home dads is hardly the answer, as I explain in my latest “Politics of Sex Podcast.”

We’ve been talking about changing policy to aid women for years, offering theories to help female breadwinners, all of which are good, but take outside involvement and time to get done. The politics of today makes it harder, with Republicans against equal pay and the Lily Ledbetter Act, as well as other fundamental equalizers needed for our modern society.

Sandberg has begun to give women the beginnings of simple daily actions they can put to use in their own lives today that can begin to shift the balance in their own homes. I explain why this is so critically important.

Many of Sandberg’s critics are still arguing the line that “caregiver” and “breadwinner” should be equally valued. A debate that was over a long time ago. We now value both, it’s just that when women do both, which today is a reality, she often has to fight for equal pay and help at home.

This edition of my “Politics of Sex Podcast” explains what’s unfolding.

My new book, which will be out in just two months, takes what’s being discussed to an even more personal level: The relationships women create so we can manifest the exact life we envision.

It’s not about “having it all,” it’s about getting what you want.