Jon Stewart calls out the news media, from Chelsea Clinton's baby to Senator Diane Feinstein being "emotional." Screen grab from The Daily Show video.

Jon Stewart calls out the news media, from Chelsea Clinton’s baby to Senator Diane Feinstein being “emotional.”
Screen grab from The Daily Show video.

THERE ARE now 20 female senators in Washington, D.C., with Hillary Clinton readying to run for the presidency a second time. It’s clear from the reaction of Republicans and much of the national media that this country still isn’t ready for equality when it comes to leadership. Women continue to get treated differently than men, up against a double standard that few call out so bluntly as Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart.

“Do you feel that in Washington, do you feel that women are treated differently, either by the media or by your colleagues…?” asked Stewart

“Yes..” chimed Senator Elizabeth Warren.

“That does exist,” Stewart continued.

“Yep,” was Warren’s answer, then she explained. Stewart asked her if she “actively battled it” or “ignored it” and Warren’s answer was brilliant, as usual. She stated that while getting her work done for the people of Boston she had no choice but to battle being “treated differently” for being a woman.

The “it” went unstated in its rawest form, but we see it every day, even with someone like Senator Diane Feinstein, a leading old guard national security expert, as Stewart’s videos prove.

Erick Erickson took up the Drudge line of attacking Clinton, her age, yesterday when substituting for Rush Limbaugh.

From, with Media Matters having the audio:

“She’s going to be old!” Erickson noted. “I don’t know how far back they can pull her face!” he added.

“Can I say that on the air? I don’t know. Maybe I shouldn’t,” Erickson continued. “You know what I mean, though!” he added.

This is what the Republican right thinks about women of a certain age, with Erickson’s comments perfectly suited for Rush Limbaugh’s show. We’ve seen it on Drudge, too. The right’s “war on women” takes many forms and this is just one of them. However, the point is to keep women in their traditional place.

So, not only are women “emotional,” but the first female candidate to have a fighting chance to be the Democratic nominee for president is also OLD, her face not appropriately youthful.

No one scares the Republicans right and men evangelical misogynists like Erickson more than Hillary Clinton, whose entire career has been founded on female independence, the most frightening thing of all.