In her book, A Fighting Chance, Elizabeth Warren reveals she was "hurt" and "angry" over the personal attacks.

In her book, A Fighting Chance, Elizabeth Warren reveals she was “hurt” and “angry” over the personal attacks.

THAT SQUEALING you’ve been hearing is led by Byron York, who is very upset that Senator Mary Landrieu is playing hardball politics in Louisiana. BuzzFeed highlighted the ad on Tuesday. It’s a stroke of sheer genius.

Evidently Mr. York doesn’t know the history of Louisiana or that old cliche that politics ain’t bean bag. The other problem with York and his clan of conservative whiners is that the ad Mary Landrieu is running is truthful.

Changing one word doesn’t alter the facts.

Yet Byron York is in a tizzy, flop sweat pouring down his face, no doubt, as he wrote his post for the Washington Examiner on Tuesday.

The ad touts Landrieu’s stand against efforts to stop offshore drilling “” a huge part of coastal Louisiana’s economy.

“Nothing about this moratorium makes sense,” she says in the ad, referring to a proposed Obama administration cessation of offshore drilling in the wake of the BP oil spill. And who supported such a moratorium? Democratic lawmakers like Sens. Barbara Boxer, Sheldon Whitehouse, Patrick Leahy and others “” all of whom, it just happens, have received generous contributions from Landrieu’s political action committee, JAZZ PAC. During a visit to Louisiana a few weeks ago, I heard Landrieu’s highest-rated Republican challenger, Rep. Bill Cassidy, note how much money Landrieu’s PAC receives from the oil and gas industry, only to turn around and give it to Boxer, et al.

“She’s taking contributions from oil and gas interests and funneling them to people who hate oil and gas,” Cassidy told me.

For Republicans in Louisiana, the fakery of Landrieu’s ad represents a deeper disingenuousness in her campaign: She’s trying to distance herself from a president and an administration of her own party whom she has supported up and down the line.

It’s not that Senator Mary Landrieu is “funneling” money to “people who hate oil and gas,” it’s that she’s continuing to stay on BP’s case, since there’s still clean up to do.

U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu is asking the Coast Guard to force BP PLC to clean up oil and equipment used in the response buried in the waters and mud along the coast. In a letter, Landrieu asked the Coast Guard to figure out where oil remains along the coast — both in remote marshes and under the water along the coast — and to make sure large mats of buried oil from the 2010 BP spill are removed. [Associated Press]

Senator Mary Landrieu refuses to give up her seat simply because Republicans have judged that Obamacare, which has made the goals promised and is stable, should cost President Obama the Senate, starting with red state Democrats losing their jobs.

I’ll say flatly that Landrieu is much more conservative than I am, but I’m not one of those liberal Democrats who thinks we should give up Senate seats held by women, because they aren’t sufficiently progressive. I’ve altered my stance considerably over the years, mulling the effectiveness of ousting women for men who wouldn’t be much different or even worse if they’re Republicans out of Louisiana.

It’s like watching Senator Joe Manchin, whom I disagree with adamantly on the 20-week abortion ban, but whose leadership on gun safety was exemplary and much needed, with more conservative state Democrats required to change our background check standards.

Senator Mary Landrieu is not a progressive, but she’s a tenacious fighter. I’m lovin’ me some Mary right now, because she’s got conservatives like Byron York tied in knots.

Go, Mary.