Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps is dead. Photo via Twitter

Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps is dead,
a man who spent his public life in cruel acts lacking mercy.

Photo via Twitter

IF THERE is anyone in the public eye, particularly in religious circles, who has behaved more reprehensibly than Fred Phelps, I can’t name him or her. His life is a testament to hatred, cruelty and spiritual void.

As someone who has been a believer from childhood, my personal faith maturing beyond needing an intermediary or a church to convene with whatever force is out there beyond my human existence, my views go well beyond “may God have mercy on his soul,” which come from WashPost’s Amy Tracy:

As the debate begins to rage about whether or not to protest Fred Phelps’ funeral, this gives Christians a unique opportunity. This doesn’t involve giving nod to his ideology or suggesting he even knows the true Christ. However, it may present the chance to talk about mercy and how God is willing to forgive the worst of sinners.

The passing of Fred Phelps, and our reaction to it, presents a witness of grace so rarely demonstrated in our world. May God have mercy on Fred Phelps.

I don’t pretend to have the answers and anyone who does should be avoided at all costs. However, my spiritual journey has been lifelong and intense in nature, encompassing every single day of my life. My next book is about relationships, so it has a chapter on religion, as did my last book. It’s a subject I’ve excavated my entire life.

Fred Phelps was a hateful human being who spent his public life confronting people at their most tortured hour, with the goal of making others miserable during their time of great grief. He showed no mercy.

If — and no one can know — we each live our lives, one after another, in order to learn a primal answer of our soul’s journey, there can be little doubt that Fred Phelps will reincarnate into a new life in which he will be confronted by his bigotry, hatred and cruelty on a personal level.

Fred Phelps will hopefully spend his next sojourn on earth through the experiences of what he held the most reviled, a gay individual.

It would fit my belief that whatever hell exists we create ourselves during our life on earth, with each try we get in life another opportunity to learn karmic lessons that aide our evolution.

Mr. Phelps has a long way to go to turn his wrongs into right, but he’s certainly not going to receive blessings for the misuse of his life that caused such needless pain to others.

Even if you believe in the literal story of Jesus Christ, there is no way what Fred Phelps did on earth would do anything but make Jesus ashamed.