“I took a helicopter ride from the occupied territories across and just felt personally how extraordinary that was to understand, the military risk that Israel faces every day.”Gov. Chris Christie

Christie's "occupied territories" remark reveals foreign policy amateurism.  [graphic from The Washington Note]

Gov. Chris Christie’s “occupied territories” remark reveals foreign policy amateurism.
[graphic from The Washington Note]

ZIONISTS like Sheldon Adelson fund political campaigns based on the candidate’s view on Israeli dominance in the region, specifically by pledging allegiance to Israel. Gov. Chris Christie’s language during the so-called Adelson primary illustrates just how thin his foreign policy prowess is.

Leaving aside the point that many experts consider there to be “occupied territories” by the Israeli military, that’s not the GOP line and never will be. Any potential presidential candidate who doesn’t know this political point or trips up on making it reveals something profound about his lack of critical thinking basic GOP foreign policy talking points.

This is the slowest pitch in Republican primary politics.

How any Republican could make this mistake is mystifying. It’s another sign that Christie either has no one around him on foreign policy who knows anything, or worse, that Christie winged it in Las Vegas, allowing his rank amateurism on foreign policy to seep through.

The damage control from camp Christie was immediate:

Not long after his speech, Christie met with Adelson privately in the casino mogul’s office in the Venetian hotel and casino, which hosted the RJC meeting.

The source told POLITICO that Christie “clarified in the strongest terms possible that his remarks today were not meant to be a statement of policy.”

Instead, the source said, Christie made clear “that he misspoke when he referred to the “˜occupied territories.’ And he conveyed that he is an unwavering friend and committed supporter of Israel, and was sorry for any confusion that came across as a result of the misstatement.”

Adelson accepted Christie’s explanation, the source said.

Not even George W. Bush would have made such a colossal misstep.

Hillary Clinton would eat his matzo.