Ukraine's Yanukovich speaks for first time since fleeing his country.

Ukraine’s Yanukovich speaks for first time since fleeing his country.

Back in Ukraine, men in military uniforms patrolled the main airport in the Crimean region Friday, a move that Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov called part of an “armed invasion” by Russian forces. It’s not clear who the men at that airport in the regional capital, Simferopol, are or what they intend. [CNN]

PRESIDENT of the Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, who is now on the outside looking in at his country, because he basically abdicated his leadership perch, spoke out on Friday for the first time, including apologizing for his failing as a leader.

From CNN:

“I intend to continue the fight for the future of Ukraine against those who, with fear and with terror, are attempting to replace the power. Nobody has overthrown me. I was compelled to leave Ukraine due to a direct threat to my life and my nearest and dearest,” he said, speaking Russian, not Ukrainian.

[…] “I want to apologize in front of everybody — to the veterans, to the Ukrainian people — that I did not have the strength to stop what is now taking place in the country from taking place,” he said.

The men who have taken position outside the airport are part of a “pro-Russia Unity Party,” according to reports.

It sure didn’t take President Putin and his allies long after the Sochi Olympics to make a move. Putin began his aggression by running military drills not far from the Ukrainian border immediately after Sochi ended.