This is where my narrative about Britain shunning the Winter Olympics gets thrown back in my face. Luckily for me it comes packaged in such a way that I can go straight back on the offensive over it. The BBC received over 300 complaints yesterday (the network’s Mandela coverage yield 850) following the conclusion of the women’s slopestyle where Briton Jenny Jones won bronze. The target of their complaints was the BBC commentary team.

Unfortunately the IOC is quick in taking down any unauthorized clips off YouTube, and as the BBC won’t let me watch from the US, all I’ve got is the news report about the complaints.

Fuller had taken part in the early stages of the event but failed to make the final, after which she was invited into the presentation booth.

She was heard cheering when the final competitor, Austria’s Anna Gasser, fell, meaning that Jones would clinch the bronze medal.

Fuller then said: “Are we supposed to do that? Probably not.”

All three commentators began crying when it became clear that Jones had won a medal.

BBC News – Olympic snowboarding commentary draws complaints

From the description it sounds borderline unprofessional, however, with slopestyle having a definite alternate edge to it this type of commentary doesn’t bother me, nor plenty of others. I think the style suits the sport quite well and anybody not fully understanding the vibe of the competition should probably turn their attention to curling or figure skating instead, but maybe avert their gaze from the figure skater’s lips if they get a bad score.

Switching countries to my land of residence, I felt extremely bad for Bode Miller yesterday after he finished only sixth in the downhill. I was genuinely excited when I heard he was competing as the 36-year-old’s reputation permeates across the sporting world. Despite Miller ‘failure’ to secure a podium finish the event itself was an epic watch, as was the men’s normal hill ski jumping final. The women’s side of the competitions will be just as fascinating to watch, especially ski jumping, which makes its debut as a women’s event. The warm up session was today, with the main event taking place tomorrow. There are no British athletes involved, no doubt to the delight of complainers everywhere.