New reporting reveals the strengths of Hillary Clinton that will challenge the country to embrace a fearlessly relentless woman.  [State Department photo/ Public Domain]

New reporting reveals the strengths of Hillary Clinton that will challenge the country to embrace a fearlessly relentless woman.
[State Department photo/ Public Domain]

THE SCOOP in the Washington Free Beacon is spectacular reading not to be missed. There’s no reason for anyone to get defensive about the pieces of a portrait surfacing through the newly discovered papers from her late and closest friend Diane Blair. It’s part of the new reporting that has begun to appear on Hillary Clinton.

In 1992, as the Washington Free Beacon piece opens, Stan Greenberg and Celinda Lake released a confidential memo on Hillary Clinton while working for Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign. The findings: “What voters find slick in Bill Clinton, they find ruthless in Hillary.”

Ambitious feminists are fierce bitches. Deal, America.

“She’d make a tremendous president.”David Petraeus [HRC, new book by Jonathan Allen and Aimee Parnes, due out Tuesday]

Petraeus joins former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates who had laudatory things to say about Hillary Clinton in his own memoir. Stanley McChrystal is another who respects Clinton, and one of the many military allies she has, which extends to many hallways throughout the Pentagon, as well as the C.I.A.

William Jefferson Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama never enjoyed such respect.

The papers of Diane Blair add proof, as more and more information surfaces that Hillary Clinton, that she is not her husband’s appendage when it comes to politics, and she won’t be Barack Obama’s either.

One of the things Hillary Clinton brings to the White House is that she won’t try to change Washington, instead she’ll work it. In doing so she will not suffer many fools, which is how she gets the “ruthless” title. America hasn’t shown a readiness for a fierce feminist leader yet, but it might be an idea whose time has come or at least a moment when it’s time to test it.

“HC says press has big egos and no brains,” wrote Blair on May 19, 1993, during the White House travel office controversy. “That [the White House is] just going to have to work them better; that her staff has figured it out and would be glad to teach [Bill’s] staff.” [Washington Free Beacon]

It’s not the first time Hillary Clinton has told people to stop whining. In a response to Anne-Marie Slaughter’s article bout women not being able to have it all, after she quit her State Department job, a position Secretary Clinton created for her, in a conversation in Marie Claire about work-family balance, Clinton said the following.

“I can’t stand whining,” Clinton said. “I can’t stand the kind of paralysis that some people fall into because they’re not happy with the choices they’ve made. You live in a time when there are endless choices. … Money certainly helps, and having that kind of financial privilege goes a long way, but you don’t even have to have money for it. But you have to work on yourself. … Do something!” [Huffington Post]

It’s the section in the Washington Free Beacon on Bill Clinton’s sexual dalliances that is particularly interesting to me, as you can imagine. Since 1998, I’ve been saying, most recently on Sunday in a tweet to Brian Stetler, that former President Clinton’s affairs were consensual, specifically talking about Monica Lewinsky. One of the things that the media and others simply cannot face and never has been able to deal with is Monica Lewinsky’s own culpability in the l’affair.

America doesn’t like to think of a 22-year-old female on the prowl for a hot power male to seduce. As I’ve written innumerable times, Bill Clinton was an idiot to fall for a young woman, but it’s the oldest story of mankind.

This quote from Hillary Clinton is exactly correct, and this is a subject on which I’m an expert.

“HRC insists, no matter what people say, it was gross inappropriate behavior but it was consensual (was not a power relationship) and was not sex within any real meaning (standup, liedown, oral, etc.) of the term.” [Washington Free Beacon]

Like John F. Kennedy and a lot of men before him, in the White House and punching a clock, some guys like a little strange, no matter the risks. The more powerful, the more entitled to it they feel.

In 2008, one of the biggest raps against Hillary Clinton was her husband. By the end of the campaign things had shifted dramatically, with the interview with the HRC authors shedding more light and space between the power couple.

“While she had been on the mock stage at the convention center, Bill had delivered edits. He had ripped up the structure and added some of his own poetic flourishes,” wrote authors Amie Parnes, of The Hill, and Jonathan Allen, of Bloomberg News. “But Hillary was having none of it. Bill and the set of advisors she had hired from his 1996 campaign had proved disastrous at developing her message and strategy for the campaign. She was the one in the hot seat now “¦ ‘It’s my speech,’ she declared as she left to find [Bill].” [The Hill]

The only way to understand Hillary Clinton is to accept that she’s a fierce woman who fell in love with a man who would become her partner in all things, including changing the world. She stepped aside, because she was a mom and he was on his way to the White House. This partnership was formed by two people caught in the shift between the feminine mystique years and the feminist revolution, a time when old-fashioned marriages were falling apart, because women wanted more. The Clinton marriage is traditional in the 1950s sense, where boys will be boys, and girls are supposed to ignore it. Hillary’s independence added a new twist on the expectations, however. Navigating these contradictory components in the public eye remains difficult.

Today we’re caught in a country fighting to break free of the traditional stereotypes of women and men, but also relationship and marriages. The policies of Bill Clinton caught colliding with his personal behavior proving that he’s just as human as everyone else. The only person who finds this news is Senator Rand Paul who hopes to put Clinton on the defensive.

Into this void will step Hillary Clinton. To the extent she will succeed will be seen through her ability to embrace her life and his, warts and all. No reason for apologies and no one should bother erecting a facade of someone that no one can recognize through reporting that reveals lives lived in the cauldron of American life.

Every man who ever ran for the presidency has had his life dissected. Hillary Clinton knows the drill.

It’s just beginning.

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