Karl Rove to Rand Paul: Republicans cannot win by attacking Hillary's husband.

Karl Rove to Rand Paul: Quit talking about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, we’re trying to win the midterms!

“Frankly, Rand Paul spending a lot of time talking about the mistakes of Bill Clinton does not look like a big agenda for the future of the country.” – Karl Rove

WHAT Mr. Rove obviously knows is that Senator Rand Paul isn’t trying to lay out his agenda. He’s trying to bolster his own standing with the Republican right, including in his own home state of Kentucky, where making news counts a lot more than national coverage.

“I’m not certain, again, that beating up on Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky is a particularly good thing to strengthen your skills” – Karl Rove

Senator Rand Paul is servicing his own ego. The Washington Free Beacon aided his cause on Monday by publishing “The Hillary Papers,” which many fans of Hillary Clinton didn’t care to dissect.

The most amusing part of all this, besides Senator Paul trying to re-litigate impeachment, is trying to make Alison Lundergan Grimes feel guilty for having President Bill Clinton campaign for her. But then, I’ve never been in for the “sexual predator” nonsense that is channeled straight from Sean Hannity’s 1990s file. It’s not like President Bill Clinton ever had trouble with the ladies. The notion that he’s a predator, instead of a handsome rogue with sloppy impulse control, is ludicrous.

The other thing that amused me about “The Hillary Papers” is imagining what I would have called a woman sleeping with my husband that then dragged us both into the national press. “Loony tune” is not exactly what you’d have hear coming out of my mouth!

Something tells me Senator Rand Paul is loving all the press, which was the point of it all from the start.

And if he can annoy Karl Rove and the Republican establishment, too, it’s a twofer.