Joe Scarborough weighed in on Gov. Chris Christie's political challenges saying he can't defend himself and be effective at the RGA.

Joe Scarborough weighed in on Gov. Chris Christie’s political challenges saying he can’t defend himself and be effective at the RGA.

“The fact is right now, he’s a distraction to the RGA.”Joe Scarborough

IF YOU are Gov. Chris Christie, the statements today by Joe Scarborough have to cut deep. They have the added benefit of being accurate and delivered from a friend.

From the start, evidence has been lacking on bridgegate to tie Gov. Christie to it and never appeared to me to be a huge liability for him, especially after there was no evidence found in the blizzard of emails that were released.

Hoboken and the Sandy relief funds is another story, but we’ll have to wait for U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman.

The thing I’ve been watching is Gov. Christie’s effectiveness leading the RGA, the Republican Governors Association. It was once meant to be a tool for Christie to raise money and continue burnishing his GOP leadership status on the ramp up to 2016. Now his own party officials don’t want to be seen with him on the stump, in some cases.

Watch the RGA developments has been my compass. Joe Scarborough, who has made no secret that he still takes Chris Christie at his word, just made Christie’s RGA position an open question that not only should be discussed, but which Governor Christie should consider is hurting his ability to tackle the challenges stacked against him in New Jersey.