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At CPAC, Once an Enemy, the Media Makes a Friend

CPAC announces Governor Chris Christie will speak at their annual meeting.

CPAC announces Governor Chris Christie will speak at their annual meeting.

CONSERVATIVES and the Republican right can feel Governor Chris Christie’s pain. Ostracized last year after the Barack Obama hug and the scolding aimed their direction, CPAC have embraced the embattled Mr. Christie, who’ll speak at their 2014 meeting.

If the media hates Chris Christie, he must be all right for CPAC.

“We are very excited to announce that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will speak at CPAC 2014,” American Conservative Union Chairman Al Cardenas told Yahoo News. “At this year’s CPAC — and through our theme ‘ACU’s Golden Anniversary: Getting It Right for 50 Years’ — we will celebrate how conservatism has shaped our past and look to the future with excitement. This will be the year that conservatives begin pulling the nation back from the brink of Barack Obama’s disaster with a movement that inspires, unites and discovers new solutions to our current challenges.” [Yahoo! News]

The Conservative Political Action Caucus [CPAC] is a place where contenders go to seduce the base.

I’ve covered CPAC, one time when Rush Limbaugh was the headliner and Ann Coulter provide the comic relief. It’s a fun event filled with energy and lots of young people.

The news that Christie will speak at CPAC comes as one of his aides resigns.

“This reflects a decision I have been considering since shortly after the election,” Renna said in a statement provided by her attorney, Henry Klingeman of Newark, N.J. Christie was elected to a second term last November.

“I have spent almost four years working hard for a governor I continue to respect and admire. The transition from term one to term two is a natural time to pursue an opportunity in the private sector,” Renna said.

Ms. Renna is one of the people in the Christie administration who received a subpoena regarding the ongoing legislative investigation. Her attorney did not say whether she would respond.

Responses to the subpoenas issued are due today.

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2 Responses to At CPAC, Once an Enemy, the Media Makes a Friend

  1. secularhumanizinevoluter February 3, 2014 at 1:48 pm #

    Oh THIS should be a fun freak show. Think Goering in pink chiffon.

  2. spincitysd February 4, 2014 at 3:58 am #

    Well, this is going to end up being a what the hell were they thinking moment if there ever was one.

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