Governor Christie still not tied to bridgegate in newly redacted texts that expose his aides further.

Gov. Christie aides identified in texts with redactions removed.

PREVIOUSLY redacted text messages between David Wildstein and Bridget Anne Kelly reveal why Governor Chris Christie went to such lengths to distance himself from them back in January. There remains nothing in the new reporting that ties Governor Christie to their shenanigans and the GWB lane closures.

Among other interesting details, authors of the previously disclosed text messages are now identified, with redactions removed through a legislative request to which Wildstein’s attorney complied.

From, which has compiled many details of previously redacted texts between Christie aides Wildstein and Kelly:

The private messages that linked Governor Christie’s office to lane closures at the George Washington Bridge also contain jokes about causing “traffic problems” at the home of a New Jersey rabbi associated with the Port Authority, newly released documents show.

[…] In the texts about the chaplain, Wildstein sent Kelly a picture of Rabbi Mendy Carlebach, later writing: “And he has officially pissed me off.”

“Clearly,” Kelly responded on Aug. 19.

“We cannot cause traffic problems in front of his house, can we?” Kelly wrote.

For the first time, a message with Christie’s former campaign manager Bill Stepien’s name on it surfaces. Stepien refers to Port Authority Executive Director Pat Foye as “Capt. America” in a derisive manner, complete with “expletive” deleted in the report.