Judge orders hospital to set brain-dead pregnant Texas woman free.

Judge orders Texas hospital to take brain-dead pregnant woman off of life support, as science fiction plot lines crumble.

While the hospital agrees that Mrs. Muñoz is no longer medically alive, officials there say they have a legal duty to protect the fetus under the Texas Advance Directives Act, which prohibits withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment from a pregnant patient. In his ruling, Judge Wallace asserts that the hospital is misapplying the law since Mrs. Muñoz is deceased and can no longer be considered pregnant. [Christian Science Monitor]

NOT EVEN a living will keeps a woman safe in Texas, especially when she’s got a dead fetus inside her, with the extremist right intent on using Mrs. Marlise Munoz as an incubator through torturing Texas law to perpetrate this barbarity. The extremists backing this states’ rights onslaught against women had to resort to science fiction language and scenario to make their case.

Anderson Cooper attempted to cover this story, which ended up humiliating Sunny Hostin, who thought the law supported keeping a brain-dead woman alive in order for her fetus to develop to viability. In an emotional sign of support, Andrew Sullivan backed her legal misdiagnosis, implying that if the fetus can grow into a baby…

You see the scenario the Texas legislature put into play? The science fiction embedded in this real-life drama should be too grotesque to contemplate, but that’s where these extremists plot today.

Marlise Munoz was 14 weeks pregnant when she collapsed, well before viability that is seen at 24 weeks, at this point, which is being challenged at every juncture by the extremists who believe a woman’s self-determination has no value or validity, not even in the law.

Texas lawmakers created a scenario that makes women secondary to a thing inside her body that has no life without her. If that isn’t a sci-fi plot, nothing is, which played out in horrific detail that the Munoz family was forced to endure. There is nothing compassionate or Christian about what the right is doing here.

Judge Wallace put a stop to this grotesque spectacle late Friday.

A Texas judge ruled Friday that a Fort Worth hospital may not keep a brain-dead pregnant woman on life support against her family’s wishes, and ordered doctors to take her off the machines by 5 p.m. on Monday. [New York Times]

Some reporting has suggested the hospital may appeal.

The so-called “Right to Life” movement has been reduced to science fiction language. Talking about the “unborn” as if it’s a living being.

“The decision fails to recognize the interests of the unborn child, who is a separate patient,” the Texas Alliance for Life in Austin said in a statement. “We believe the intent of the legislature, as expressed numerous places in Texas law, is to protect the lives of unborn children to the greatest extent possible.” [Christian Science Monitor]

This is what states’ rights has become today, in an era where Republicans have lost the abortion debate. Laws become a vehicle for making the woman simply an incubator for a non-viable entity, with no right of self-determination or even the legal protection a living will is supposed to offer.

“When I bend down to kiss her forehead, her usual scent is gone, replaced instead with what I can only describe as the smell of death. As a paramedic, I am very familiar with this smell, and I now recognize it when I kiss my wife. In addition, Marlise’s hands no longer naturally grip mine for an embrace. Her limbs have become so stiff and rigid due to her deteriorating condition that now, when I move her hands, her bones crack, and her legs are nothing more than dead weight.”

It’s telling that Gov. Rick Perry thinks marijuana should be decriminalized, which basically gives pot smokers more civil liberties respect than a brain-dead pregnant woman with a living will and a family who can attest to her wishes.