Republican Party continues their stance against women's rights.

Republican Party continues their stance against women’s rights.

In an unprecedented show of opposition to abortion, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus is delaying the start of the party’s annual winter meeting so he and other committee members can join the March for Life on the Mall, The Washington Times has learned. [Washington Times]

THERE IS nothing that can dent the traditional patriarchal borg mind of the Republican Party. Not even the loss in Virginia could do it, with their draconian ideology against women aiding Terry McAuliffe and the entire Democratic slate. One concession is that the “March for Life,” as its called, will focus on adoption this year, which is the only platform where this group can claim any credibility at all.

It’s not a very big deal to move a winter meeting, that’s the blunt truth of it. The other reality is that the majority of Americans live their lives practically. If an abortion fits the solution to what is seen as a serious life problem, the woman will get one, whether she’s religious or not.

This yearly discussion coincides with the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which was a great day for women and the men who believe in our equality. It’s not a debate, because the U.S. will never outlaw abortion.

“State criminal abortion laws, like those involved here, that except from criminality only a life-saving procedure on the mother’s behalf without regard to the stage of her pregnancy and other interests involved violate the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, which protects against state action the right to privacy, including a woman’s qualified right to terminate her pregnancy.” [Roe v. Wade]

The American people have moved beyond this argument, rightly so, especially with birth control and contraceptive options so readily available, which the selective pro life movement has done nothing to support.

The “March for Life” organizers are conceding something this year, though they won’t admit it, with their main focus on adoption sending a very loud signal.

The March for Life welcomes the news from the Republican National Committee that they will postpone their winter meeting so that members may attend and participate in the March on January 22nd. We are pleased that the Chairman Reince Priebus recognizes the importance of the life issue and has given it priority in the Committee’s calendar. We at March for Life encourage everyone to attend the March to show their support for life, and in particular for adoption, the theme of this year’s event.Jeanne Monahan

The people against women’s rights have lost this argument nationally, so they’re battling in states to make an abortion more difficult to get for women.

Twenty-two states enacted 70 abortion restrictions during 2013. This makes 2013 second only to 2011 in the number of new abortion restrictions enacted in a single year. To put recent trends in even sharper relief, 205 abortion restrictions were enacted over the past three years (2011″“2013), but just 189 were enacted during the entire previous decade (2001″“2010). [Guttmacher Institute]

As someone who had a legal abortion, but also had to cross multiple state lines to do it, one of the major changes since Roe v. Wade is that younger generations of modern women find this fight oddly retro. The majority of women today have access to contraception and Plan B, so the issue isn’t as acute.

As usual, where the battle matters is in rural areas and conservative strongholds that are carving away a woman’s right to a legal procedure by making abortion services non-existent. In Texas, the candidacy of Wendy Davis for governor was born from the outrage of outlawing abortion. The odds are against her winning, because Texas remains a right-wing stronghold, but the fight she’s making is very important and worthy, no matter the outcome.

The March Against Women on January 22 once again proves that “conservative” today for Republicans actually means “religious conservative,” something the founders would have found repugnant.

The true meaning of “conservative,” that politicians and the government shouldn’t be in our personal business, has been long forgotten, thanks to Ronald Wilson Reagan and the “Moral Majority,” founded by Jerry Falwell, which is now an immoral minority, plunging into people’s personal and very private business, while attempting to make women bystanders in their own privacy rights.

The Republican Party may move a winter meeting, which is really not a big deal. But you can bet they won’t run a national election on stripping women of their constitutional right to an abortion. If they did they’d lose their shirts.

Reproductive health and rights were once again the subject of extensive debate in state capitols in 2013. Over the course of the year, 39 states enacted 141 provisions related to reproductive health and rights. Half of these new provisions, 70 in 22 states, sought to restrict access to abortion services. In sharp contrast to this barrage of abortion restrictions, a handful of states adopted measures designed to expand access to reproductive health services. Most notably, California enacted the first new state law in more than seven years designed to expand access to abortion, and five states adopted measures to expand access to comprehensive sex education, facilitate access to emergency contraception for women who have been sexually assaulted and enable patients’ partners to obtain STI treatment. [Guttmacher Institute]