TINYPASS started in 2011, with Andrew Sullivan proving their model in 2013. TaylorMarsh.com is jumping on board.

TINYPASS was launched in 2011, with Andrew Sullivan partnering with them in 2013.

“Taylor was the leading analyst of, and most articulate critic of the campaign to smear Ms. Clinton.” – Ambassador Joseph Wilson

TM is now a subscription site, starting today. There is still free access to the site so you can see what’s going on every day, with a few free articles available every month. But only subscribers will have access to all the content on the site.

The many 2013 subscribers, as well as the bigger donors, all the people who are committed and love what I do and can afford to pay more, are still very important to the economic health of my work, including the books I write. To show my deep appreciation, 2013 subscribers also have full access to the site this year. If you experience any trouble with automatically accessing the content, just drop me a line.

Any subscriber who donates $100 before June 10, 2014, when my book will be published, will receive an autographed copy from me. Donors of more than $100 in 2013 are eligible for a free book this summer, too.

Why do I read Taylor Marsh? Answer: because while I rarely (these days) agree with her politics I appreciate the rare INTELLECTUAL HONESTY found here. Thank you Taylor, you’re one of the first places I go in the morning. – a reader

“I read many sites… but taylormarsh first. Your voice is true and direct, no sellin’ out here. I am independent…” – a long-time reader

Tinypass now offers a revenue model for new media publishers and writers like myself, with everything depending on YOU, the new media reader.

I’ve been searching for a revenue model for over 11 years. You’ve likely seen it if you visit Andrew Sullivan’s site. Tinypass has made it possible to charge for the content being provided, because they don’t charge publishers an initial fee, providing the software, support and flexibility to make it work.

Asking for a tiny $1.99/month subscription is an amount any serious reader can afford. The fee of $19.99/year paid up front is comparably priced. There are people who love what I do around here, who give much more generously, for which I’m extremely grateful and upon whom I still depend.

I’m very grateful for your readership. Subscribers will be glad they joined in! I hope you’ll take the plunge.

“”¦offering clear-eyed analysis that is as smart as anything on CNN.” – “The Hugh Hefner of Politics,” The New Republic

TM NOTE: Thanks to Lorie Miller, Vice President, Web Services of AgoraNet, Inc. for helping me (as always) with this transition. …and the new logo! Luke Carriere of Tinypass was terrific to work with and made it all so easy.