Mike Huckabee revives the war on women Republicans are trying to live down.

From Christie to McDonnell to Huckabee, it’s been an awfully embarrassing week for Republicans.

THIS WAS a very bad week for Republicans. That it coincided with commemorating Roe v. Wade juxtaposed stark choices, especially with Mike Huckabee’s peculiar libido belch.

In a year that’s supposed to be all about making Democrats pay for Obamacare at the voting booth come November, it’s not starting out like Reince Priebus hoped. Now before people get too excited, gerrymandering and general timidity from Democrats could still turn the Senate red. But the fall from grace of a lot of Republicans this week, from Christie to McDonnell to Huckabee, proves why I said Democrats and progressives shouldn’t pay too much attention to polls right now.

Gov. Chris Christie is still under fire, with the preliminary probes continuing to distract everyone from his previous trajectory, with many wondering if he can survive to run the Republican Governors’ Association. For comic relief you had right-wing crackpot Ken Cuccinelli shoving a shiv into Rudy Giuliani and Haley Barbour’s rhetoric. Even Mayor Zimmer’s claims got a boost when it was reported that she told others in her office about the alleged intimidation by Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno around the time it occurred.

Former Gov. of Virginia Bob McDonnell, once seen as a contender for 2016, and his greedy wife Maureen got indicted, a spectacle of another former Republican star crashing. Meanwhile, Democrats in Virginia rubbed it in through the announcement by Lt. Gov. Mark Herring that the commonwealth won’t be defending Cuccinelli’s homophobic marriage equality ban.

Dinesh D’Souza, whose anti-Obama film was supposed to be the end of the President, was indicted on campaign finance fraud charges. He’s plead not guilty, which is all the rage for Republicans these days.

Republican extremists were shown for what they are in Texas, when Judge Wallace said the hospital couldn’t keep using a brain-dead woman as an incubator, in a storyline that resembles the best science fiction plots of David Cronenberg.

Glenn Beck even came out to say that he might have enjoyed himself more of FNC if he hadn’t been such a d*#! flame thrower.

By the time we got to Mike Huckabee, at the close of the Republican winter meeting, even Democrats and progressives couldn’t believe what had happened. It’s not often you see your adversary’s self-annihilation, with the added bonus that most of what happened just emphasized a negative stereotype of the GOP that’s long been established.

When Mike Huckabee took aim at the war on women, he not only shot off his own foot, but the bullet ricocheted across the political universe and reinvigorated the Republican Party’s biggest problem: female voters. It’s why on Tuesday the official response to President Obama’s State of the Union speech will be from an establishment female, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

Republicans can win gerrymandered districts, but they continue to prove they’ve got a very long way before they can win a national election.