Union FlagOne of the main characters from the UK’s 2013 story of the year has returned for some extra attention early on this year. Vicky Pryce, of Chris Huhne speeding points jail time fame, has mentioned out loud that she’s considering a run at parliament next year. Unfortunately her partner in crime, ex-husband Huhne, isn’t being so bold. The disgraced former government minister has declared himself out of politics for good. No doubt he’ll be looking to affect things from the outside instead.

Back to Pryce though. The 55-year-old economist is said to have friends in all three major parties and the Liberal Democrats. Talk about leaving all your doors wide open. She understands that people may not want a convicted criminal as an MP, but as Edmund Blackadder once pointed out, “No convictions? But you’re going to be an MP for God’s sake. I’ll just write fraud and sexual deviance.” It’s a timely reference given one prominent MP’s very public spat with the sitcom over the weekend. Albeit on an entirely different matter. Pryce would still do well to learn from Mr Gove’s idiocy and never pick on one of the best sitcoms ever written (Netflix: Blackadder) in an attempt to score political points. But I’m getting ahead of myself a little. She may never even need to employ such tactics. She may decide stepping back into the full glare of public life isn’t such a good idea. Or maybe, just maybe, she isn’t quite done with the trolling of her former husband of 27 years.

If Pryce is still in the mood to piss off the man who ditched her she may perhaps want to stand for election in his former constituency of Eastleigh, as a Tory, maybe taking back his last name to campaign with? That’s probably going a little too far. Let’s just hope if she does decide politics is a good career path she doesn’t ask Huhne for any tips on expense claims or holding on to a seat. Aside from that I can’t see what could possibly go wrong.