Union FlagIt’s been a great year so far for British politics. Not in terms of policy, but then they’ve only had two working days. Not for either side of the EU immigration debate either, chiefly because on one side the scaremongering continues, and on the other nobody is totally convincing when backing the change in public. The greatness actually comes from an unusual source. Step forward leader of the BNP, one of many MEPs for North West England, and all-round racist Nick Griffin, who today was forced into bankruptcy. Unfortunately he doesn’t have to give up his seat in Brussels because of this but hopefully he’ll be sent packing at the next election if the voters there, including my parents and many of my friends, have their way.

The turn of the new year has also been great for the hundreds of Britons celebrated by the Queen in her New Year Honours List. For once I have something in common with Andy Murray and David Beckham as, like me, they were also passed over for a knighthood. The monarchy was obviously worried about the negative press that would have been generated by me turning one down. A Knighthood did go to my former MP (and expenses scandal nominee) Richard Ottaway however, and actress Angela Lansbury was made a dame as part of a historically large list of women recipients. I had always assumed Dame Angela was American, so at least the monarchy has been good for something in 2014.

Nigella Lawson didn’t find herself on the Queen’s list, but I’m sure the start of her US TV show ‘The Taste’ will help soften the blow. She had some very interesting things to say about her court appearances on Thursday’s edition of Good Morning America ahead of The Taste’s second season launch last night. Here’s hoping Nigella’s 2014 goes slightly better than her 2013.