Bridgegate seduces Sean Hannity to Gov. Chris Christie's side, a miracle that could make a real difference looking to 2016 if nothing more is uncovered that implicates Christie.

Bridgegate seduces Sean Hannity to Gov. Chris Christie’s side, a miracle that could make a real difference, if Christie survives the onslaught of scrutiny coming his way.

The daughter of a 91-year-old woman from Fort Lee, N.J., who died on the day of a major traffic jam precipitated by top aides to Gov. Chris Christie said on Thursday that she did not believe the inability of an ambulance to reach her mother’s house was a factor in her death. [New York Times]

THE HEADLINE put Hillary Clinton up against Chris Christie: Christie vs. Clinton: Which scandal is more damning? It was the beginning of what could be the turning of the political worm, as some big hitters on the right circle around embattled Gov. Chris Christie.

Maybe bridgegate will teach Chris Christie a lesson, Sean Hannity mused late Thursday night on Fox News Channel, and he will learn you cannot embrace Democrats, because they’re not coming to his aid right now. That came after Hannity lauded Gov. Christie, after months of railing against him on radio in fear of a 2016 run for the presidency that the right-wing radio star does not support. Well, he didn’t support it until bridgegate.

Then came Gov. Christie’s 108 minute tour de force performance, putting Sean Hannity in a swoon.

“… Governor Christie had the moral courage in this situation to actually let heads roll. … I’ve been very critical, both on radio and TV, of Gov. Christie. He fired people here… He went out and held nearly a two hour press conference today. … He left himself no wiggle room. I thought it was a pretty ballsy move and… really refreshing to see a politician take responsibility. Isn’t that what defines the difference here?”Sean Hannity

Hannity also made a point of coming to Christie’s side, saying the daughter didn’t blame her mother’s death on the traffic snarl on the George Washington Bridge.

Rush Limbaugh thawed a little too on Gov. Christie after his press conference, not only to say that Christie’s bipartisan wrap isn’t helping him right now, but neither are Republicans.

A lot depends on what else is revealed in the weeks ahead and whether Gov. Christie’s performance on Thursday holds. We just don’t know if it will right now.

Hannity was all about comparing scandals, playing the Benghazi card and mentioning Hillary Clinton on his radio show as well.

The media loves a scandal, much less a scandal involving a Republican. The fact that this is a Republican who will likely be running for the presidency in 2016 makes it all the sweeter. The media will obsess over this scandal, perhaps doing more “investigating” than it seemed eager to do for the various scandals involving the Obama administration. But that’s just par for the course. You can rest-assured that if Christie does go on to run for president, this issue will be mentioned by the liberal media in virtually every conversation or analysis. If Hillary Clinton runs for president, will Benghazi or the host of other scandals similarly coincide with their analysis? Highly doubtful. I’m not saying that the actions of Christie’s staff were in the right, but I am pointing to how the media will treat this differently than it would if it were a liberal.

One thing that did happen is that two of the most powerful people on the right, who lead Republican base voters, just took another look at Gov. Chris Christie, as a result of bridgegate. What’s incontrovertible is that before bridgegate, the right-wing hosts and the base that listens to them were not fans of Chris Christie, and he cannot win the nomination without them.

Chris Christie is going to need a lot of support going forward, and because of bridgegate he just might have gotten two of the most important allies of his career, men who lead the GOP primary voting base.

Talk about irony.

Now all Gov. Chris Christie has to do is survive this fiasco.