So-called "Worries about Hillary" are all in Republicans' head.

So-called “Worries about Hillary” are all in Republicans’ head.

THERE SIMPLY had to be a “worries about Hillary” column written and the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin is the perfect person to write it. She’s got the exact amount of wattage, imagination, and alternate reality view to make it just amusing enough to read to the end, while also being far enough right to include all the straw men that bother Republicans, but don’t concern the majority of Democrats one whit. The stand out item from Rubin ruminating about the “worries about Hillary” is that, as she sees it, Republicans are “coming around to the idea that Clinton is the perfect opponent for them to confront in 2016.” When you circle back to Rubin’s Benghazi emphasis, however, you realize just how daffy the whole concept of her column really is.

The other problem is her record at the State Department. It is supposed to qualify her for the presidency. Instead it’s becoming a burden. Benghazi, Libya, is back in the news, reminding everyone it was on her watch that the requests for additional security were ignored, the first ambassador since 1979 was killed and a who’s-on-first routine of misleading statements showed an administration lacking both honesty and competence. The Post reported on Friday: “U.S. officials say efforts have stalled to capture about a dozen people secretly charged in the 2012 attack on the American compound in Benghazi that claimed the lives of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. . . . So far, none have been brought to trial and the lack of progress in capturing [suspected ringleader of the attack Ahmed Abu] Khattala has frustrated U.S. intelligence officials and lawmakers who want to see him and the others prosecuted. One official said that Khattala continues to operate in eastern Libya with impunity.” And we still haven’t gotten the perpetrators as she promised we would. How is it that no one is held accountable?

Saving the finale of the so-called “worries about Hillary” case, you know what it is, right? Well, it’s Obamacare, of course. Wait until you hear the opening gambit as to why.

The first problem surely is health care. President Obama won’t allow it to be repealed, so the Affordable Care Act will be hanging there, damaged and disliked for Clinton to address. Will she throw it and her former boss overboard, call for a single-payer plan as a sop to the left and risk scaring off the electorate in Nov. 2016?

Hillary Clinton calling for single-payer is as likely as the law being repealed. Outlandishly suggesting Hillary Clinton would throw the two-term Barack Obama “overboard,” along with a law that was passed at some risk by the entire congressional delegation of the Democratic Party reveals just how awfully puny the analytic muscle of Jennifer Rubin is. In what world would any establishment politician of one of the major two parties do either of these things?

The other obvious problem, though impolitic to mention, with this notion is that Jennifer Rubin obviously also comes from the closed door side of the conservative wing of the GOP. It never dawns on her what would happen to HRC’s African American support if she did anything close to what is being suggested. All it would do is make the ridiculous columns being written about Hillary allegedly shoring up, working on, making amends to the African American community seem real, which they absolutely are not. Conservatives never ponder the non-white electorate quotient, because conservative Republican thinking and philosophy was bleached white long ago.

Not only does the Washington Post’s chief conservative blogger ignore the health care horror the uninsured face, but she thinks the woman who took the heat for the first modern failure to get health care passed is going to take a massive political dump on the Democratic president under which she served, risking the ire of the entire African American community and every single Democratic loyalist, not to mention all of the progressive activists who worked to get it passed and implemented. Jennifer Rubin wrongly makes the gigantic leap into a frozen pond that HRC would risk pushing single payer even though her entire political career is in the establishment wing of the Democratic Party, which has openly mocked the notion of this idea as unworkable.

It’s the holiday season, so I realize Republicans and conservatives have sugar plum fairies dancing through their heads, but somewhere along the way around Thanksgiving the leading conservative blogger of the Washington Post drank two too many glasses of over spiked egg nog, then tripped, fell and hit her head on very hard wood floor.