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Terrorism Hits Russia, Will Sochi Olympics be a Casualty?

Russian terrorism threatens Sochi Olympics, the latest bad news for the games.

Russian terrorism threatens Sochi Olympics, the latest bad news for the games.

Another suspected suicide bombing struck the southern Russian city of Volgograd on Monday, killing at least 14 people and further highlighting Russia’s security challenges as it prepares to host the Winter Olympics in less than six weeks. The explosion hit a trolleybus near a busy market during the morning rush hour, a day after a blast at Volgograd’s main train station killed 17 people and wounded at least 35. [CNN]

THE HORRENDOUS anti-gay policies of President Putin began the troubles of the Sochi Olympics, but the terrorism that has struck Russia now highlight a very real security problem for the games. I’m also wondering, is anyone rooting for Russia?

Volgograd is a major rail hub in southern Russia and a main transit point for people traveling by train to Sochi on the Black Sea, just over 600 miles (1,000 kilometers) to the southwest. Each day, thousands of passengers use the station in the city once called Stalingrad.

As a long-time fan of our U.S.A. Olympic teams, having enjoyed the Olympics when Los Angeles hosted them, a time when L.A. was home, you have to feel for the athletes. So much work and they deserve to get their due.

There’s not much good will going Putin’s way and he has only himself to blame.

I’ll be watching the Sochi Olympics, but the opening ceremonies and much of the coverage just won’t be something I’m very interested in this time around. Putin’s anti-gay bigotry just isn’t something I want to support in any way.

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