Kevin Spacey's Frank Underwood on Season 2, the finale of "House of Cards."

Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood on Season 2, the finale of “House of Cards.” “¦and “the butchery begins.”

THE GIF is from Buzzfeed (where else?), where you can find many more on the 2014 “House of Cards” teaser. The trailer reveals dark deeds to come in what is likely the last season of “House of Cards,” exclusively on Netflix.

“House of Cards” was the best show released in 2013, making creative history along with way. David Fincher, the show’s director, won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series, with the show nominated for 9 Emmy Awards. The show also won two Creative Arts Emmy awards, for Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series, and for Outstanding Cinematography for a Single Camera Series.

Then there is the fact that Netflix resurrected itself through the genius of producing and offering “House of Cards,” which was followed by “Orange is the New Black,” a show that is fabulously female centric and easily as watchable.

Let the 2014 season of binge watching begin. “¦soon.