FLASHBACK: Barbara Mukulski introducing the late Stephanie Tubbs Jones at the Honoring Generations of Women event in May 2008, which I attended.

FLASHBACK: Senator Barbara Mukulski introducing the late Stephanie Tubbs Jones at the Honoring Generations of Women event in May 2008, which I attended.

“She’s trying to finish her book. She’s gotten her ““ several projects up and going with our foundation,” he said. “And she believes and I believe that the four-year campaign mania is a big mistake.” – President Bill Clinton [Fusion interview with Jorge Ramos]

IT’S A merger of the Barack Obama present with Bill Clinton alums, as Jonathan Mantz is set to join Priorities USA, which will be one of the juggernaut money machines behind what will likely be Hillary Clinton’s second presidential run.

Buzzfeed got the scoop:

Jonathan Mantz, who served as Clinton’s national finance director in 2008 and is one of the Democratic Party’s biggest names in fundraising, is set to join Priorities USA as a senior adviser, while retaining his position as managing director of BGR Group, a D.C.-based lobbying firm, BuzzFeed has learned.

Four sources familiar with the Mantz discussions said he will fundraise for Priorities as the group transitions from the last presidential election into its next phase “” a pro-Clinton paid media effort, likely led by Jim Messina and John Podesta, top former aides to Barack Obama and Bill Clinton respectively.

Mantz, according to one source familiar with Priorities USA, has already been making calls to other fundraisers and consultants in Washington to inform them of the new arrangement, the details of which are still being finalized.

A spokesman for Priorities USA confirmed the talks.

The news comes as there’s lots of talk about the horrors of liberalism, with Townhall using Hillary Clinton to drive the issue home. Torturing the laughable concept that liberals are on the wrong side of history, Townhall ignores the facts, including that populism will continue to rise, with what’s happening to pensions in Detroit likely to spur more of it, not less.

President Bill Clinton got into a back and forth over the New York Times assigning Amy Chozick to cover the Clintons full time. The truth is that when WJC says he doesn’t know if Hillary will run he’s being coy, to put it most gently. The equally true reality is that for Hillary it is too early to declare, because she’s going to have a multitude of support, so the longer she waits the better. The second she announces, assuming she will, the establishment media will start the Did Hillary Peak Too Early nonsense, followed by Can She Win Over The Base malarkey. “¦and it’s laughable to think the New York Times shouldn’t have someone covering the Clintons full time.

Chozick and Jonathan Martin wrote a piece on Sunday about the Clintons rebuilding their reputation with African Americans. What it misses by a mile is that long before the collision of Hillary and Barack, the Clintons had strong ties with this community. After Bill Clinton’s ceaseless work in 2012 and his epic convention speech that sealed the deal for many wavering voters, no one needs to prove anything, least of all Hillary, who was well beyond the reach of what the Big Dawg says. The nut of the issue, assuming there is one, revolves around African American congressional lawmakers, not black voters. Though I seriously doubt that will be a problem at all, except for Rep. James Clyburn, for obvious reasons, someone President Clinton will likely never forgive.

In other potential Hillary news, last month, Buffy Wicks, a leader of the Obama team get-out-the-vote team, has also been linked with Priorities USA.

The Democratic populism is a scourge scuttlebutt form third way dinosaurs, is a laughable notion, regardless of what Senator Chuck Schumer spews. If Senator Bernie Sanders runs for president, which he’s hinted he might do, it won’t be to win, he acknowledges, but instead to focus the debate where it needs to be: the decline of the middle class and the top heavy 1% who hold all the wealth in our country. Fighting Hillary, the person HRC had at the end of the 2008 campaign season, can make this argument just as good as Sanders.

Hillary news on the movie front comes from the Hollywood Reporter, which is reporting that Lionsgate may pick up Rodham, the Hillary biopic.