Most memorable was A.J. "fuckin' shit" Clemente, who was fired during his debut.

Most memorable of the 2013 news bloopers was A.J. “fuckin’ shit” Clemente, who was fired during his debut.

TO THE unsung heroines and heroes of news, those intrepid performers who get caught on tape saying, doing, experiencing the most embarrassing things while trying to be serious.

A.J. “fuckin’ shit” Clemente will start 2014 trying to rebuild his career. From Media Bistro:

“These are the cards I’ve been dealt,” Clemente admits. “If taking a job in New York is what I may have to do, then I’m going to.”

He’s planning to send tapes to smaller markets throughout the country, but notes, “My agent wants me in New York.”

Clemente was offered one opportunity, to break into the reality show genre, but passed it by. That good judgment alone proves he deserves another shot.