Sean Hannity is fallen so far that Ann Coulter is his barometer for reality.

Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter live in an alternative universe of the minority.

“The shutdown was so magnificent, run beautifully. I’m so proud of these Republicans, and that is because they have branded the Republican party as the anti-Obamacare party.” – Ann Coulter

POOR SEAN, he’s fallen so far that the alternative world of Ann Coulter has become his standard for reality. She’s also becoming his sidekick at 10 p.m. on FNC. The two are offering a view, however, that has absolutely no relationship to the national polls, with Republicans having their lowest approval rating ever measured in modern polling.

“I want more Ted Cruzes elected,” Sean Hannity dreams.

Every Democrat should want more Ted Cruzes to run, because it would mean good things in 2014.

“The View” is hosting Ann Coulter today. Say what you will about her, but the article I wrote about her enterprise in 2006, which was published from Huffington Post to Yahoo, still holds. She represents a minority, but her enterprise remains a beautiful, big money smear machine that all these years later keeps on going, with Ted Cruz helping make her relevant again.

Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter depend on the Tea Party cranks, as does Ted Cruz. It’s this cabal, driven by Rush Limbaugh and the other fire breathing radio hosts, that continues to fuel the Republican civil war.

There’s a weird article in the New Republic today that tortures contrarianism, stipulating that this is good for the GOP.

Now, let us stipulate that the government shutdown, however long-lived its repercussions turn out to be, was a Republican political failure on a truly grand scale. Moreover, the agents provocateurs were indeed the Tea Party darlings of the House and Senate, all of whom were happy to let the government close shop in their tilt against the Obamacare windmill, and some of whom may well have been willing to risk sovereign default to get their way (but most of whom would certainly have known that the political process was likely to spare them any consequences for their posturing to that effect).

Nevertheless, the new line among Democrats and progressives is actually a net positive for the GOP and the best thing (in fact, the only good thing) that has happened to the party over the past couple weeks. Because the Republican Party truly is divided now””between a majority that is as staunchly conservative as ever and a minority that is not merely staunchly conservative but manifestly radical in its aims and tactics. It does not hurt, but rather has the potential to help Republicans, for their opponents to acknowledge the division within the party and the status of the Tea Party faction as a very vocal minority.

It makes no sense, but it’s the same philosophy taken by Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter, with Hannity’s dependence on the far fringe revealing just far he’s fallen.