The Republican shutdown begins. It's lights out.

The Republican shutdown begins. It’s lights out.

THE REPUBLICAN shutdown has begun.

Our form of government cannot remain healthy if one party who loses a national election, which was a referendum on Obamacare, but doesn’t accept the results of the people’s vote. That’s exactly what this Republican shutdown is about.

If there isn’t a short-term funding resolution from Republicans, with the Tea Party “suicide caucus” taking the Republicans shutdown as their political scalp, the impact could reverberate into 2014 in a real way, which you can bet is on the minds of establishment Republicans.

On Monday during “Morning Joe,” there was an embarrassment of bloviating that included Bob Woodward joining Nicole Wallace to say that President Obama should be talking to Speaker Boehner, being presidential, “showing leadership,” while David Axelrod sat there in disbelief.

What is there for President Obama to talk about with Republicans if the conversation begins and ends with the minority demanding he relinquish what he won in 2012?

It’s been gratifying hearing Mr. Obama finally call out “far-right Republicans,” something he said he’d never do. He’s finally finding out that what Bill Clinton went through with Republicans wasn’t of his own doing and that Obama doesn’t have the magic touch for making Republicans be reasonable, because these people cannot be reasoned with by anyone.

If the losers of a national election won’t accept defeat our form of government is perilously close to becoming something the founders never intended. Compromise is what is done when one side wins the argument, which Obama did in 2012.

This is a Republican shutdown that does no one any good.

Well, almost no one. Who knows, in Virginia the shutdown will have real impact and if it goes through the week it could help elect Terry McAuliffe governor.

What this means for the debt ceiling debate…