Gorgeous Plus-Size Model Whitney Thompson if fabulous lingerie campaign.

Gorgeous Plus-Size Model Whitney Thompson if fabulous lingerie campaign.

“I feel feminine and sexy when I wear the pieces, which is important for me and other curvy women. It’s about time we had a collection like this for the real woman.” – Whitney Thompson [Huffington Post]

IT’S A stunning new ad campaign for Sculptresse lingerie collection by Panache, which has been blasted from the Daily Mail to HuffPost. America will come kicking and screaming, because it’s not what people see on TV or in films, with the very opposite body image pushed in all media forums in this country.

Former America’s Top Model winner Whitney Thompson is a champion of fuller figured woman.

The plus sized model has previously set up a dating website for larger ladies and even posed naked to promote awareness of eating disorders and accepting your body shape whatever your size.

Now the stunning 26-year-old has been chosen to front the new Sculptresse lingerie collection by Panache.

Accepting who you are as a girl, then as a woman, comes harder for some than others. It also depends on your interests and life goals. This is a very healthy body image promoted by a 26-year-old woman who knows the challenges of being different from the pin up model that’s known and embraced by so many.

Weight and body image has been a constant issue and focus in my life, never far away. Early it became coupled with being healthy and accepting of the woman I saw in the mirror, especially as I moved through life. Starting out as a professional dancer, actress, performer, with a side of beauty queen, needless to say I experienced the pressures of being thin and battled the standard of perfection more than most.

Being plus-size or full-figured in America used to be celebrated by Hollywood. Women have curves, you know. Marilyn Monroe may have begun as a thin, young thing, but by the time Some Like It Hot debuted she was full-figured.

Big and beautiful, full-figured women are as beautiful as any skinny girl. That American society doesn’t celebrate this fact doesn’t mean a thing.