With Clinton and 2016 in the spotlight, Republicans rush to cement Benghazi in the public's mind, with the "60 Minutes" report adding fuel to their efforts.

With Clinton and 2016 in the spotlight, Republicans rush to cement Benghazi in the public’s mind, with the “60 Minutes” report adding fuel to their efforts.

We have learned there were two Delta Force operators who fought at the Annex and they’ve since been awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and the Navy Cross — two of the military’s highest honors. The Americans who rushed to help that night went without asking for permission and the lingering question is why no larger military response ever crossed the border into Libya — something Greg Hicks realized wasn’t going to happen just an hour into the attack. – Lara Logan, “60 Minutes”

ON MSNBC today a female Republican strategist bluntly stated that with Hillary Clinton at the top of the Democratic 2016 list, you bet Republicans are going to drum Benghazi into the public’s awareness, because the GOP would be crazy not to capitalize on what happened in Benghazi, Libya. Lara Logan of “60 Minutes” interviewed a former British soldier using the pseudonym Morgan Jones last night, a man who saw what went down on 9/11/12.

On Monday in an interview of Fox News channel, Rep. Lindsey Graham lauded Rep. Darrell Issa’s witch hunt hearings, then dropped his own political plum in the efforts to keep Benghazi alive so they can use it against Clinton, should she run in 2016. This comes after holding the confirmations of John Brennan and Chuck Hagel hostage, defaming Susan Rice along the way.

GRAHAM: So I am calling for a joint select committee. But for God’s sake, let the House have a select committee where you get three or four committees together to look at this situation as one unit rather than stove piping. And where are the survivors? 14 months later, Steve, the survivors, the people who survived the attack in Benghazi, have not been made available to the U.S. congress for oversight purposes. I’m going to block every appointment in the United States Senate until the survivors are being made available to the Congress. I’m tired of hearing from people on TV and reading about stuff in books. [Think Progress]

This isn’t about information, it’s purely political, and has absolutely nothing to do with changing State Department policy on security or the basic need to understand the choices made by foreign service soldiers like Christopher Stevens, who put himself in harm’s way to be in the thick of Libyan life. Choosing to move from Tripoli to Benghazi, as the Libyan government warned not to have a big foot print in Benghazi, the colliding priorities impossible to ignore if you understand the very nature of diplomacy in far flung and very dangerous places.

What happens in Benghazi goes back to the national security policy decision to surgically strike Libya and take out Ghadafi, with the entire Administration involved in what they saw as a doable humanitarian mission. The outcome in Libya is one reason Obama pulled back from Syria, when the will in the U.S. and our allies stalled for such heroics, even with clear evidence that war crimes are being committed with impunity by Bashar al-Assad through the use of chemical weapons. The decision further defines the U.S. policy of “doable” intervention. This change in policy mood has led to a fracturing of U.S. – Saudi relations.

Lara Logan on “60 Minutes,” interviewing Morgan Jones, is the latest opportunity on Benghazi that Republican intend to exploit for political purposes. An excerpt from Sunday night’s interview:

[…] Lara Logan: And you watched as they–

Andy Wood: As they did each one of those.

Lara Logan: –attacked the Red Cross and the British mission. And the only ones left–

Andy Wood: Were us. They made good on two out of the three promises. It was a matter of time till they captured the third one.

Lara Logan: And Washington was aware of that?

Andy Wood: They knew we monitored it. We included that in our reports to both State Department and DOD.

Andy Wood told us he raised his concerns directly with Amb. Stevens three months before the U.S. compound was overrun.

Andy Wood: I made it known in a country team meeting, “You are gonna get attacked. You are gonna get attacked in Benghazi. It’s gonna happen. You need to change your security profile.”

Lara Logan: Shut down–

Andy Wood: Shut down–

Lara Logan: –the special mission–

Andy Wood: –“Shut down operations. Move out temporarily. Ch– or change locations within the city. Do something to break up the profile because you are being targeted. They are– they are– they are watching you. The attack cycle is such that they’re in the final planning stages.”

Lara Logan: Wait a minute, you said, “They’re in the final planning stages of an attack on the American mission in Benghazi”?

Andy Wood: It was apparent to me that that was the case. Reading, reading all these other, ah, attacks that were occurring, I could see what they were staging up to, it was, it was obvious.