President Obama loses the media with his response to the Washington Navy Yard shootings.

President Barack Obama receives a briefing on the Washington Navy Yard shootings from Lisa Monaco, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, in the Oval Office, Sept. 16, 2013.
(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

One former aide described Obama’s trusted inner circle from the first term as “the originals,” and speculated that if they were still at the White House they could have helped prevent some of Obama’s second-term blunders, such as the decision Monday to give a fiery speech criticizing Republicans just hours after 12 people were gunned down a few miles away at the Navy Yard. [The Hill]

THE WORD salads aren’t working anymore. President Obama is speaking and no one is listening. It’s been that way for months. Nothing could have accentuated this more clearly than when in the middle of the Washington Navy Yard chaos, when a shooter had exploded on to the scene and started picking off people, a regular occurrence in this country, Mr. Obama stood in front of a gaggle of supporters to deliver a pre-planned speech on the economy that included railing against Republicans.

It was a weird moment for Mr. Kumbaya to go partisan.

It goes back to his blizzard of interviews, the last of which was with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. President Obama defending his response to Syria saying people were upset that it wasn’t “smooth and disciplined and linear.” “I’m less concerned about style points. I’m much more concerned with getting the policy right,” Obama continued.

It’s important to truly consider what would candidate Barack Obama have been all these years without his style?

The non-linear response to Syria from President Obama was directly related to that anti Iraq war speech he gave that lifted him to the presidency. He simply didn’t want to get involved in Syria, but now he had to, was forced to. It’s just no one agreed with him, except liberals and others who still believe in humanitarian intervention in the face of war crimes. Most in his own political party were against his decision.

As one of the few who has no problem with Obama responding to the events in Syria in a non-linear manner, it was as obvious as the fact that things had now escalated beyond the ability to shrug it off.

That non-linear reaction to waiting to engage in war was quite a different matter than what happened this week when the entire Beltway was shut down, Washington baseball, even including the Senate, and Obama decided to use discipline and a linear approach to go ahead and make a speech that had no chance of breaking through and made him sound disconnected.

What the speech in the middle of the Navy Yard shooting revealed more broadly about Obama is that the criticism over Syria has the White House paralyzed. The no confidence vote on Syria felt by the commander in chief, which was followed by Larry Summers being stripped from his list of prerogatives, further revealing just how alone Barack Obama is right now.

People are now starting to talk about “brain drain” in the White House, because Obama’s lost his closest advisors who put him where he is today. Presidents need allies. They’re not in Congress, not even in his own party.

Mr. Obama has plenty of opportunities coming up where he can turn this around, the trouble is that Syria isn’t going away and he’s mostly alone on it, because the country doesn’t support his decision to turn the screws to Assad with bombing, and the media smells a plot line of weakness.

It’s awfully early for the second term curse to seep through, but it has.

Then came the speech during the Washington Navy Yard shooting. In the center of D.C., the entire Beltway was locked down. My husband got an email from his company to stay away from the area where all hell was breaking loose, which went out across the Capitol, into Maryland and northern Virginia.

Everyone was impacted, everyone, it seemed, but the President.

Barack Obama stepped up and turned to the economy in the middle of the yet another shooting tragedy.

Who is this man living in the Oval Office in the heart of Washington, D.C., not too far away from the Washington Navy Yard? No one knows, but what’s dangerous for the White House is that few seem to care anymore.