Jon Stewart and the media on the Washington Navy Yard shootings.

Jon Stewart and the media on the Washington Navy Yard shootings.

THE MEDIA has gone berserk again over the latest mass shooting in America. The coverage proves that those in charge of providing news still believe that focusing on the carnage, the heart wrenching stories of the victims and their families, has any chance of changing the dynamics that exist in this country.


The House of Representatives is going to have yet another vote on defunding Obamacare, which will never be signed by President Obama, even if it could get enough votes to pass in the Senate, too.

Our country and the citizenry will not suddenly wake up after the latest mass shooting to decide Something Has To Be Done.

As for the media, Jon Stewart even gets it wrong by missing the heart of what’s happening. The media isn’t bad just because they get it wrong. They’re bad because of why they’re getting it wrong.

The coverage is about what’s driving traffic on the web and what’s driving ratings. It has absolutely nothing to do with the substance at the foundation that no one wants to discuss because it turns viewers and readers away. Who wants to talk mental health?

The big mistake on the Washington Navy Yard shooting was the frothing over weaponry that turned out not to be used. In fact, it was Virginia gun laws that kept Aaron Alexis from getting his gun of choice, the AR15, which caused him to buy a shotgun. Anyone can buy an assault-style weapon in Virginia, as long as they’re a resident, which Alexis was not. From CBS News:

If the buyer is an out-of-state resident, the dealer would then ship the weapon to the buyer’s home state where a background check would be conducted. At the time of purchase in Virginia, however, the buyer would have to show two proofs of residence with matching addresses and then a proof of citizenship. This is all according to federal law when it comes to sales of the AR-15, which are administered by the ATF.

It is also unclear whether the owner of Sharpshooters Small Arms Range in Lorton, Virginia, where Alexis tried to buy the AR-15 about 15 miles from the Navy Yard, told Alexis he was not allowed to buy an assault rifle, or whether Alexis was simply impatient and decided to buy a shotgun instead.

CNN and the collective media couldn’t be bothered with these details, because it was more important to regurgitate factoids to keep viewers and readers engaged than it was to get the story right.

Rapid fire-social media-instant ignorance rules for ratings.

So, you see, it’s not only about getting it first even if you’re wrong. What drives this mania is that staying alive commercially so you can pay your bills keeps the lights on in our most vaunted journalism institutions. See Jeff Bezos buying the Washington Post.

When journalism is subjected to capitalism to survive the only thing that suffers is an informed public. There’s just no evidence that anyone cares.

Again, see the House of Representatives and what’s fueling their obstinance on Obamacare. It doesn’t matter that it can’t be repealed, the facts supporting Tea Party and right-wingers drop their obsession to defunding it. The mob is fueling the action. These same people also remain ignorant that the debt ceiling is about paying America’s bills, which has been driven home again and again, but still hasn’t stuck.

The mob rules and when you’re following the mob you’re bound to get it wrong.