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Fashion Week Disgrace, Shame on Calvin Klein

First black female on Vogue rails against all white fashion week.

First black female on Vogue rails against all white fashion week, calling out Calvin Klein and Donna Karan.

SAY IT ain’t so, Calvin Klein!

The first black female on the cover of Vogue, Beverly Johnson, is calling fashion week designers out, including Calvin Klein, for white washing an event that marginalizes a huge portion of the world population.

From Beverly Johnson in the Daily Beast:

Three years later I’m still seeing red, as more and more designers appear content with only showcasing women of European descent wearing their clothes. They also seem quite content with letting us people of color know that they could care less how we feel about it.

Just this week, model Naomi Campbell and former models Iman and Bethann Hardison went on Good Morning America to express their concerns about the blatant disregard for diversity shown by major design houses in the current fall fashion shows for 2013. They named notable brands such as Donna Karan and Calvin Klein as examples of designers guilty of ignoring the American landscape, which includes beauty of all hues and tones.

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