Congressman booze as shutdown looms.

Congressman booze as shutdown looms.

LATE Saturday night, Politico’s Ginger Gibson sent out tweets that went viral immediately. If you watched any of the insanity that hit the floor last night, you wouldn’t be surprised to read this news.

Congress boozes it up as shutdown looms sort of fits the image of the House these days. People who are long on rhetoric and grandstanding, but very short on ideas about health care that will help anyone.

It’s not enough to oppose something as important as health care, with so many uninsured, you also have to have solutions that make a difference in people’s lives.

That’s one big difference here, as flawed as Obamacare is, Democrats gave a good faith effort to fix a long standing problem in this country, which began with conservatives, going back to Richard Nixon.

Today’s Republicans have no solutions for anything, except to obstruct and destroy, using American lives as fodder.