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How scared is the RNC, Rush Limbaugh and the right of Hillary? [photo: State Dept.]

COMING DOWN against creative freedom, before Hillary Clinton is even a candidate for president, the RNC men’s club has shown their game plan, while simultaneously revealing their perpetual flop sweat over all things Hillary, much to the delight of Hillary fans everywhere.

The RNC is working to only offer access to networks who play by their rules and that now includes the entertainment divisions, as well as FTVS, the production arm of 20th Century Fox who may get involved with the NBC Hillary project.

The fundamental issue with this entire debate is that the RNC is missing the elephant in the room.

“The problem is not debates. It was that, by and large, they showed America in those debates a Republican Party that was fundamentally out of sync with America. “¦ The debates are one more piece of evidence that they’re looking for easy fixes to what is a fundamental problem.” – Elaine Kamarck, a lecturer at Harvard’s Kennedy School who worked in the Clinton White House

It was Rush Limbaugh who channeled what’s really going on with the RNC boycott.

Politico reporting:

Speculation that conservative radio talking heads like Mark Levin, Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh could moderate debates has ensured positive coverage of the new push on their programs.

“Put together your own debates with your own moderators, whoever you want, and focus on real Republican issues in these debates rather than whether they’re going to do a Hillary Clinton miniseries or not,” Limbaugh said on his show last week. “In this current modern age, there’s no reason anymore to treat these mainstream media people as mainstream objective and nonaligned reporters.”

[…] “Wherever you go outside of Fox, you are going up against the Democrat Party with people disguised as journalists,” said Limbaugh. “Why do it?”

The RNC is also obsessed with not allowing the 2016 primary season to be a repeat of the 2012 circus.

The task force noted that the Republican candidates debated only six times in 1980 and 13 times in 2000. By 2008, there were 21 debates. The first debate last cycle was in May 2011, eight months before the Iowa caucuses. The first debate in 1980 happened 16 days before the caucuses. Last year, the weekend before the New Hampshire primary, all the candidates debated Saturday night for ABC and then again Sunday morning for NBC.

“The number of debates has become ridiculous, and they’re taking candidates away from other important campaign activities,” the group wrote in their report.

… The autopsy called for the first debate to happen no earlier than September 2015 and for penalizing candidates or state parties with the loss of delegates if they participate in debates not officially sanctioned by the RNC. The group floated the idea of announcing the exact dates, locations and sponsors of all the debates as early as 2014.

[With Clinton vote, RNC pushes back on debates]

The backdrop to this discussion is the recent statement by the daughter of George W. Bush, Barbara, who said in an interview with People magazine that Hillary Clinton is “unbelievably accomplished,” which caused Beltway reporters to trumpet an innocent comment that is nothing less than stating the obvious.

No matter what the RNC does about debates the Democratic bench looks a lot better than what the Republicans have to offer and Republican establishment elites know it.

Several influential Republicans told us the party is actually in a worse place than it was Nov. 7, the day after the disastrous election. [Politico]