"Day of Rage" bloodbath in Egypt. [photo via Richard Engel on Twitter]

“Day of Rage” bloodbath in Egypt.
[photo via Richard Engel on Twitter, which he reported is a teenager.]

“The coup makers have lost all lost their minds, norms and principles today.” – Muslim Brotherhood said in a statement [Reuters]

THE MUSLIM Brotherhood called for a “Day of Rage,” using the name of the worst day during the uprising against Hosni Mubarak. What has ensued in Egypt has been unrelenting violence on all sides. It will not have the same result as the protesters in 2011 did against Mubarak, overturning his regime, but will instead result in dozens more killed.

Reuters reporting on the carnage:

Islamist protests descended into a bloodbath across Egypt on Friday, with around 50 killed in Cairo alone on a “Day of Rage” called by followers of ousted President Mohamed Mursi to denounce a crackdown by the army-backed government.

As automatic gunfire echoed across Cairo, the standoff appeared to be sliding ever faster towards armed confrontation, evoking past conflict between militant Islamists and the state in the Arab world’s most populous nation.

[…] A Reuters witness saw the bodies of 27 people, apparently hit by gunfire and birdshot, wrapped in white sheets in a mosque. A Reuters photographer said security forces opened fire from numerous directions when a police station was attacked.

Men armed with automatic weapons appeared to be taking part in the Cairo protests. At Ramses Square, Reuters journalists saw three men carrying guns; protesters cheered when cars carrying gunmen arrived, another Reuters witness said.

Photo from Richard Engel on Twitter, caption reads: "Medics preform cpr on protester. No use. lifeless."

Photo from Richard Engel on Twitter, caption reads: “Medics preform cpr on protester. No use. lifeless.”

Al Jazeera is reporting protesters being shot by snipers from helicopters.

Scores of people have been killed in Egypt as a “day of rage” called by opponents of the country’s military-backed leadership turned to bloodshed with security forces opening fire to foil what they described as a “brutal terrorist plot”.

In the worst of the violence on Friday, at least 95 people were killed and hundreds injured in Cairo’s Ramses Square as anti-coup protesters were fired on by government forces. A correspondent for Al Jazeera described lines of bodies in a makeshift hospital in the nearby Al-Fath mosque.

A protester, Said Mohammed, told Al Jazeera that the crowds were shot at by snipers and by men in helicopters.

“Helicopters started to shoot us as we were walking. My friend took a shot in the neck and he died,” he said. “This was the first time we saw helicopters shooting. There were people shooting from the windows.”