There's no vacation from Anthony Weiner's soap opera.

There’s no vacation from Anthony Weiner’s soap opera.

POLITICO proclaims that Abedin will “take break from job with Hillary Clinton” in August, clearly hinting that this is An Event. Through anonymous sources, trying hard to do what Politico does best, make something out of nothing, it all comes down to a sleepy August, a time when the Clintons traditionally do what a lot of Americans do before fall, take a vacation.

“Huma is not taking a leave of absence, but she will be taking vacation time in August to support her family during Anthony’s campaign,” said a Weiner campaign source. “She had always intended to do this.” [Politico]

If you’re not familiar with this type of writing in Politico, this piece by the very talented Maggie Haberman doing her best to leave the impression that something major is happening, all you have to do is read “This Town,” by Mark Liebovich, who spins the web rather well explaining the insiders at Politico writing through the gossip of other insiders attempting to craft a storyline about the Big Powers in politics, which is all meant to take the reader insider what’s really happening.

If you really want to bottom line what’s going on, which is actually a human relationship story in which everyone is trapped, it’s that Huma Abedin has made a commitment to stand by her husband in this attempt to rehabilitate himself, so the Clintons are accepting this because they’ve been given no choice, as Abedin does what she has to do for herself and her son. August will make it easier, because Hillary’s going to be off the radar anyway.

Anthony Weiner will continue to go through the fires of his own burning dirty laundry, something that was always going to have to happen if Weiner and Abedin were going to resurrect their marriage on the way to Weiner finding a way to provide for his family, which has always been through politics. Abedin will be beside him and behind the scenes while this happens, with the end only a little over a month away until the worst is over.

That’s Abedin’s hope, though she’s got absolutely no evidence that Anthony Weiner, without politics, will be satiated through family life and working for a living enough to stop his masochistic exhibitionism for good.

The Clintons, regardless of their distaste for Anthony Weiner, wanting the very best for Human Abedin, who happens to be married to a colossal louse, also hope it ends well for the woman who is part of their family.

Everyone’s satisfaction depends on Anthony Weiner. It’s not a place anyone should place their fortunes until Mr. Weiner proves there’s not yet another budding smut actress out their in social media land ready for her close up.