Louis Black to Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Louis Black to Texas Governor Rick Perry.

THERE IS no comedian who tells it quite like Louis Black. When he heard Gov. Rick Perry had sauntered into New York courting businesses by saying there’s no place like Texas, Black unloaded in his classic style, getting a lot of help from New Yorkers who love their city.

What’s happening to Texas where women is concerned should make any young woman or family with teenage girls think twice. Now it’s a “fetal hearbeat” bill directly challenging Roe v. Wade, and Griswold, as I see it, attempting to ban abortion at 6 weeks. This can be even before some women realize they are pregnant.

Gov. Rick Perry and Texas Republicans not only believe freedom is just for men, but they’re legislating it through draconian laws that not only make the uterus of any woman state property, but their very lives directed by the state. It’s truly surreal that in the 21st century we can have such 1900 century governing from a man who also actually believes he has a chance to be president.

So, it’s not just New Yorkers who should tell Texas Gov. Rick Perry to drop dead. It’s women, too.

Go get him, Louis.